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List in order the structures pierced by a puncture just lateral to the linea alba at the level of the umbilicus.
Campers fascia
Scarpa's Fascia
Anterior layer of rectus sheath
Rectus abdominis muscle
Posterior layer of rectus sheath
Transversalis fascia
Extraperitoneal fat
What is the surgical point on the abdominal wall for localization of the appendix?
McBurney's point
What is the Anterior boundry of the epiploic foramen?
Hepatoduodenal ligament
What is the Inferior boundry of the epiploic foramen?
First part of Duodenum
What is the Posterior boundry of the epiploic foramen?
What is the Superior boundry of the epiploic foramen?
Caudate lobe of liver
What is unique about an acquired indirect inguinal hernia?
Hernial sac lies lateral to inferor epigastric artery
What is the Medial boundary of Hesselbach's triangle?
Rectus abdominis M.
What is the Lateral boundary of Hesselbach's triangle?
Inferior epigastric A.
What is the Inferior boundary of Hesselbach's triangle?
Inguinal ligament
What is the Anterior boundary of the Inguinal canal?
Aponeurosis of external oblique M.
What is the Posterior boundary of the Inguinal canal?
Transversalis fascia
What is the Roof of the Inguinal canal?
Arching fibers of Internal oblique M. and Transversus Abdominus M.
What is the Floor of the Inguinal canal?
Inguinal and Lacunar ligament
Name Fascia contained in Spermatic Cord
External spermatic fascia
Cremasteric fascia
Internal spermatic fascia
Name Arteries contained in Spermatic Cord
Testicular A.
A. to the Vas
A. to the Cremaster
Name Nerves contained in Spermatic Cord
Ilioinguinal N.
Genital branch of Genitofemoral N.
Name Other structures contained in Spermatic Cord
Pampiniform plexus of veins
Vas deferens
Name structures contained within the splenorenal ligament.
Branches of Splenic A.
Branches of Splenic V.
Short gastric A. & V.
Lymphatics & Nerves
Trace route of blood flow from fundus of stomach to the heart, when there is total intrahepatic obstruction of Portal Vein
Short Gastric V.
Splenic V.
Portal V.
Left Gastric V.
Esophageal Tributary
Azygos V.
Right Atrium
Name sites of anastomoses betweeh portal and systemic veinous system.
Gutt, Butt & Caput
Gutt: Esophagus L Gastric -> Azygous
Butt: Rectum Superior Rectal -> Inferior&Middle Rectal
Caput: Umbilicus Paraumbilical -> Small epigastric
Colon: Colic V. -> Retroperitoneal
At what points is the ureter normally somewhat constricted?
Leaving Renal Pelvis
Crossing Pelvic Brim
Entering Bladder