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When was Booker T. Washington Born?
April 5th, 1856
When did BTW die?
November 14th, 1915
What did BTW believe in?
Practical knowledge
What did he like?
Where did BTW work as a child?
Coal mines
Where did BTW go to college?
Hampton University
Where did his family move?
Malden, West Virginia
When did he become president of Tuskegee?
What was the speech he gave and when did he give it?
Atlanta exposition in 1895
Which presidents did he advize on racial issues?
Roosevelt and taft
What was his famous book and when was it written?
1901 Up from slavey
Where did he recieve an MA from?
Harvard in 1896
When was dubois born?
1868 in Massachussets free
What did dubois do as a job?
Philosopher, sociologist, writer of fiction and poetry biography and autobiography
What were his political beliefs?
Republican, socialist, independant, progressive party, american labor