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sys a standpipe protects what?
elect pump
sys b standpipe protects what?
what does ptu power
l.e. flaps and slats and autoslats
when does ptu come on
1. sys b eng pump low press
2. airborne
3. flaps 1-10
stby hyd uses what fluid
fluid from b res
stby hyd .. when come on automatically?
1. sys a or b lost
2. airborne or wheel spinup >60 kts
3. flaps extended
stby hyd .. why does it come on automatically
1. pwr rudder if airborne
2. pwr thrust reversers if abort
what systems does stby hyd pwr?
1. l.e. flaps and slats (extend only)
2. stby rudder
3. thrust reversers
4. stby yaw damper
landing gear transfer unit ..
1.when powered?

2. what fluid does it use?
1. airborne
2. raise gear and one of mains is not up and locked
3. #1 engine drops below limits

2. sys B
a hyd sys powers:

size of reservoir

cooled by:
a real giant p
1. ailerons
2. rudder
3. elevators
4. autopilot A
5. landing gear
6. ground spoilers
7. inboard flight spoilers
8. alt brakes
9. nose wheel steering
10. thrust reversers
11. ptu

5.7 gallons

fuel tank 1
lose a hyd sys and lose what sys:
a giant p
1. alt braks
2. ground spoilers
3. inbd flt spoilers
4. autopilot a
5. normal nose wheel steering
6. thrust reverser
7. ptu
b hyd sys powers:

size of reservoir

cooled by:
a real toy baatl
1. ailerons
2. rudder
3. elevators
4. autopilot b
5. landing gear transfer unit
6. trailing edge flaps
7. outboard spoilers
8. yaw damper
9. brakes (normal)
10. autoslats
11. alt nose wheel steering
12. thrust reversers
13. leading edge devices

8.2 gallons

fuel tank 2
b hyd sys loss and lose what sys:
a toy baat
1. autoslats
2. trailing edge flaps
3. outboard spoilers
4. yaw damper
5. brakes (normal)
6. autopilot B
7. thrust reverser
force flight monitor: what does it do?
detects opposing pressure from a & b sys to rudder which could happen if a or b input is jammed or disconnected from rudder. will auto turn on stby hyd and pwr rudder.
when work?
move slats from extend to full extend prior to stick shaker ... when t.e. flaps are at 1-5 degrees
what powers autoslats?
sys B unless sys B pressure is low, then PTU

note: slat/flap skew detection is inop during autoslat deployment
what is powered when you move flt control switches to STBY?
rudder & thrust reversers
if both flt control switches are moved to STBY, what happens to aileron and elevator control?
manual reversion
what happens when alt flap master switch is moved to down pos?
1. T.E. flaps electrically move down (can be moved back up)
2. Leading edge devices moved to full down pos hydraulically (cannot be moved back up)
when is hyd q RF indication valid?
1. a/c on ground w/ both engines shutdown OR
2. after ldg w/ flaps up during taxi-in
sys a & b pressures
electric hyd pump "overheat" light: what means?
pump overheated and has shut down
3 ways to turn stby hyd pump on
3 switches on flight controls overhead
3 ways stby hid pump get turned on automatically
force fight monitor
thrust reversers