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To reprove; to express warning or disapproval
Admonish (V)
When the IB kids did not do their work, I tried to admonish them that they would not pass the IB test with an admonitory tone.
Adept, dexterous
Adroit (adj)
Mike Holmes is an adroit manipulator.
Excessive praise; intense adoration
Adulation (n)
adulation is adoration
To reduce purity by combining with inferior ingredients
adulterate (v)
adultery can make a marriage inpure
To foreshadow vaguely, intimate, suggest or outline
Adumbrate (v)
A dumb rate for house interest is 10% which will adumbrate the forclosure of a house.
Dealing with , appreciative of, or responsive to art or the beautiful
Aesthetic (adj)
As the tic went to the Aesthetic spa, he thought he would become an aesthetic tic.
To increase in intensity, power, or preistige; to make appear greater
Aggrandize (v)
A grand size of power can aggrandize one's ego.
Eager and enthusiastic willingness
Alacrity (n)
A lack of tea in one's glass often has teh host respond with alacrity to refill it.
Medieval science aimed at the transmutation of metals, especially base metals into gold; any magical or wonderful tranformation
Alchemy (n)
Sometimes I wish I could use alchemy on my students