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In a hypothetical election with three major candidates, what would happen if the electoral vote distribution was as follows
candidate A: 255
B: 174
C: 109
The house of representatives would choose between the three candidates
The impact of presidential popularity is termed the
cottail effect
the campaign statges in chronological order are
winning the nomination, campaigning at the convention and mobilizing support in the general election
Presidential primaries have two main features--the actual voting by delegates pledged to a candidate and a
beauty contest
the 1974 campaign finance reform law prohibited cash contributions from any individual to a candidate in excess of _____ per election
Registered voters directly elect which of the following
1 pres & vp
2 supreme court
3 members of senate
4 members of house of reps
members of senate, members of house (d)
Which of the following is a correct statement about PACs
the amount of money that a PAC can contribute directly to an individual candidate is limited by law
To win the presidential nomination, as opposed to the general election, candidates generally present themselves as
more liberal if democrat, more conservative if republican
The primary function of PACs is to
raise campaign funds to support favored candidates
PACs are sometimes criticized for
making politicians dependent on their financial support
The use of direct primaries instead of the convention system in selecting presidential candidates results in which of the following?
1 a weakining of party control over nominations
2 a reduction in cost of e.c
3 an increase in the # of ppl involved in the choice of cand
1&3 a weakining of party control over nominations, an increase in the number of ppl involved in the choice of candidates
Which of the following are valid criticisms of presidential primaries?
1 the public and candidates get tired of lengthening election campaigns
2 primaries make elections more expensive
public & candidates get tired of the lengthening election campaigns
primaries make elections more expensive
Public monies are used to help finace which of the following campaigns?
Which of the following is the most important influence on the choice made by voters in the presidential elections
partisan identification
Until the 19th century parties chose their presidential nominess by
congressional caucuses
Which of the following statements best summarizes the value of presidential cottails to congressional candidates of the same party?
it is becoming much less significant today
the elections that produces the largest voter turnout are the
presidential elections
a major difference between presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns is that
presidential races are generally more competitive
the first goal of an individual planning to run for office is to
get mentioned as a possible candidate
The constitution calls for redistricting every
10 years
which of the following statments is incorrect
representatives must be 20 years of age
the drawback to candidates of television visuals and debates is
the risk of verbal slips
one advantage that incumbents always have over challengers is
their use of freemailings, or franks
All of the following presidents were elected in the electoral college without winning a plurality of votes except
ronald reagan
a PAC must have _____ members