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To lessen in intensity or degree
Abate (v)
A bait with lessen w/ every bite
Deviating from the norm
Aberrant (adj)
A bear rants, which goes against the norm for humans
To renounce or reject solemnly; to recant;to avoid
Abjure (v)
Paris Hilton had to abjure all luxuries when going to jail:)
To abolish or annul by authority; put down
Abrogate (v)
A broken gate will be abolished or taken down
Act of cutting or removing
Abscission (n)
Scissors cut or remove things
To depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
Abscond (v)
Julie will abscond when it it time to clean the china after a meal
An expression of praise; an award
Accolade (n)
Growth, increase by successive addition, building up
Accretion (n)
Crete was formed by built up lava or shells.
Having a sour or bitter taste or character
Acerbic (adj)
Madeliene has acerbic comments when it pertains to Queenie.
Quick, keen, or accurate knowldege or insight
Acumen (n)
Accurate knowledge of men can provide women with accurate acumen to a man's true feelings.