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When and where was Nichiren Daishonin born?
16 Feb 1222

Village called Kominato.
When was the first proclamation of his teaching?
28 April 1253
When and to whom did he submit the treatise ‘On Establishing and the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land?
16 July 1260

Hojo Tokiyori - retired regent
When was he first exiled and to where?
12 May 1261

Ito, a Pure Land school stronghold on the Izu peninsula
When did the Tatsunokuchi Persecution take place?

When did the exile to Sado Island begin and end?

When and to whom did he make his last admonition to the ruling government?

Where did he spend the last nine years of this life?

When did he inscribe the Dai-Gohonzon?

When and where did he die?