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1) acquit
(v.) to declare not guilty
2) altercation
(n.) a heated argument
3) asseveration
(n.) a serious statement
4) Bacchanalian
(adj.) Drunken
5) barrister
(n.) a lawyer
6) commiseration
(n.) sympathy
7) cowed
(adj.) Timid from fear
8) debauched
(adj.) Corrupted; depraved
9) demeanour
(n) outward behavior
10) despondent
(adj.) Lacking hope; dejected
11) disreputable
(adj.) Having a bad reputation
12) functionary
(n.) an official
13) imputation
(n.) an attribution of fault
14) incorrigible
(adj.) Unable to be corrected or reformed
15) indictment
(n.) a formal accusation
16) insinuation
(n.) a hint; an indirect suggestion
17) laudanum
(n.) a drug containing opium
18) malign
v.) to slander
19) obliterate
(v.) to blot out
20) obstinacy
(n.) stubbornness
21) parricide
(n.) a person who kills his parent
22) pernicious
(adj.) Extremely harmful
23) politic
(adj.) Showing good judgment
24) propensity
(n.) a tendency
25) rapturous
(adj.) Ecstatic
26) repose
(n.) sleep
27) superciliously
(adv.) scornfully; arrogant
28) supplication
(n.) a humble request
29) timorous
(adj.) Timid
30) tocsin
(n.) an alarm bell
31) unimpeachable
(adj.) impossible to doubt
32) vehemence
(n.) an intense feeling ; a passion
33) visage
(n.) a face