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What is the minimum number of steps to install a usb device assuming that windows 2000 includes the drivers for it and the usb ports are active?
A.Plug in the device while system is running, windows will recognize the device and follow appropreate actions
B.Shut the system down, plug the device, and start again
C.Plug in the device, start the system, run Add/Remove hardware wizard and choose the device
D. Shut down the system, plug in the device, start the system run the Add/Remove hardware wizard, choose the driver from the list and then restart the system
What is the purpose of a driver?
A.Tells the operating system how to interact with a device
B. Improves performance of installed devices by optimizing access patterns
C.Provides more useful memory by moving device control data to extended memory
D.Modidfies application programs to work correctly with devices attached to a system
After installing a new local printer, you print test a page. All of the printed text is in printer code and the printer prints several additional blank pages.What are the possible causes?(choose two)
A.printer snake virus
B.wrong printer driver
C.overload paper tray
D.unsecured/loose printer cable
E.high printer resolution settings
B and D
Windows 9x safe mode uses with generic video driver?
What IRQ's are assigned first?
A.BIOS configured
B.Windows 9x legacy
C.Hardware Configured
D.Windows 9x plug and play