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What does it mean for a RAM chip to be 1 M x 8?
The chip organizes information in 8 columns, with 1,048,576 rows in each column (1 Mb/column, 1 MB/chip)
True or False: DRAM has been the most widely used type of RAM since the early '90s.
False, it has been used since the mid-70s
True or False: The Intel 8088 organized data in byte-sized chunks
If a DRAM chip is 64 K x 1, how does information get to the CPU in byte-sized chunks?
The Memory Controller Chip arranges the data into rows of 8 before it goes to the CPU.
What is the MCC?
Memory Controller Chip, it arranges the memory going from the RAM to the CPU.
True or False: All the commands recognized by CPUs are 8 bits long?
Way false. Way.
Some commands are 8 bytes wide.
How do you know how much RAM you can put on your computer and what kind it needs?
You consult your motherboard manual.
What is a SIMM?
Single Inline Memory Module, a package for earlier RAM sticks
How wide are most MCCs today?
64 bits, although there are some that send info to the CPU in chunks of 128.
How do people usually describe the total capacity of a stick of RAM?
In bytes
Fast Page Mode RAM - it is a really old kind of RAM that was not tied to the system clock
What does the S mean in SDRAM?
Synchronous, tied to the system clock.
SDRAM was first delivered when and in what package?
1996, DIMM package
What is a DIMM package?
Dual Inline Memory Module
How many pins on the DIMM SDRAM packages in the earlier desktops?
What are some packages in which early SDRAM sticks were made for laptops?
DIMM - 68-pin, 144-pin;
micro-DIMM - 72,144 and 200-pin Small Outline DIMM form factors(SO DIMM)
Small Outline DIMM - package for earlier SDRAM sticks for laptops
How wide is the data bus for CPUs emerging since the Pentium?
64 bit
What is a bank?
A slot for RAM
What is special about banks for 72 pin SO DIMM packages?
It takes 2 slots to make a full bank (wide enough to fill the CPUs data bus.
When and why did RDRAM come about?
It was developed for the Pentium 4 because the SDRAM was just not fast enough
What is RDRAM?
Rambus Dynamic RAM - a fast kind of RAM developed by Rambus, Inc. for use with Pentium 4 processors
True or False: the 400 MHz FSB speed of the Pentium 4 was achieved by making the system clock faster.
False, it was achieved by making CPUs and MCCs that sent 64 bits of data 2-4 times on each clock cycle.
What was the package for RDRAM and what does it stand for?
RIMM, it actually stands for nothing, it just rhymes with other packages
RDRAM RIMS for desktops had how many pins?
RDRAM RIMMs for laptops had how many pins?
160 pin SO-RIMM package
Why were RIMMs installed in pairs?
To make use of a new MCC function of alternating between two banks for quicker RAM retrieval.
What is a CRIMM?
A Continuity RIMM, not having any storage capacity, but required to fill a slot on the motherboard to complete a circuit.
True or False: RDRAMs could be used by any kind of CPU?
False, only by Intel Pentium 4s with Intel-made MCCs.
What was AMDs answer to RDRAM?
DDR SDRAM, or Double Data Rate SDRAM
Double Data Rate SDRAM, AMD made this faster RAM to compete with RDRAM. It completed two processes on each clock cycle.
Which is faster, RD RAM or DDR RAM?
Which was more expensive, RD RAM or DDR SDRAM?
Package for DDR SDRAM on desktops?
184-pin DIMMs
Package for DDR SDRAM on laptops?
200-pin SO-DIMM or 172-pin micro-DIMM