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Terms for a cell growing or shrinking?
Hypertrophy, Atrophy
What connects bones to muscles?
Which muscle type is multinucleate?
Which muscles have intercalated disks?
Which type of muscle is non-striated?
When a muscle cell undergoes hypertrophy, what increases in the cell?
Contractile proteins
What is the function of simple cuboidal cells?
What kind of cells are found in kidneys and glands?
Simple cuboidal
What is the function of simple columnar cells? What is unique about them?
Secretion/absorption, GI Tract, makes mucus to protect stomach. Has Cilia.
What type of cells make up the epidermis?
Stratified Squamous
What is the function of stratified squamous cells?
Protection, keep body together
What is the function of simple squamous cells?
Rapid diffusion
What is the function of pseudostratified ciliated columnar cells?
Goblet cells, mucus, filter (found in trachea)
What is the function of transitional epithelial tissue and where is it found?
Allows expansion/contraction. Urinary bladder.
Know the difference between Autotransplant, Isotransplant, homotransplant, heterotransplant
Within own body, Relative's body, non-relative, animal
What does nervous tissure require a constant supply of?
ATP (therefor, oxygen)
Is nervous tissue vascular or non vascular?
What percent of you blood does your brain require? How much does your brain weigh?
15-20%, 3-3.5 lbs
What are the two cells types of nervous tissue?
Neurons, Glial Cells
Know: Dendrites, Cell Body, Axon
Dendrite is at head of cell, Axon is long skinny part
What two electrolytes are needed for neurons to function?
Na+, K+
What are the 4 cells types of connective tissue?
Blood, Bone, Cartalidge, CT Proper
When referring to connective tissue, what is the name for the extracellular material between cells?
What are the 3 types of matrixes of connective tissue?
Liquid, Semi Solid, Solid
What are the 3 types of connective tissue proper?
Fibroblasts, White Blood Cells, Mast Cells
What are the 3 types of protein fibers that fibroblasts produce?
Collagen, Elastic, Reticular
Where will you find elastic protein fibers?
Artery Walls
Which protein fiber has the least elasticity?
What protein fiber are ligaments made of?
What kind of protein fiber suspends organs?
What type of cells produce haparin?
Mast Cells
What is the function of haparin?
What are the 6 types of connective tissue?
Dense Regular, Dense Irregular, Reticular Connective, Adipose (fat), Loose (areolar), Elastic
What fiber protein is dense regular and dense irregular tissue made up of?
What type of CT are tendons and ligaments?
Dense regular
Where is dense irregular CT found?
In dermis around joints, allows stretching and loses elasticity to cause wrinkles
Where do you find reticular connective tissue?
Bone Marrow, Spleen
What is the function of Reticular connective tissue?
Supports white blood cells
What structure does adipose CT resemble?
Bee Hive
How does adipose tissue expand?
Grows and divides
What 2 types of protein fibers is loose CT made of?
Elastic, Collagen
Where do you find loose CT?
Around capillaries
What type of cells produce cartilage?
What does a chondroblast grow up to be?
What is the function of chondroittin sulfate and where do you find it?
Supports cartilage, resists compression
Name 3 types of cartilage
Hyaline, Elastic, Fibrocartilage
What is hyaline made up of and name 3 places it's found on a body
small collagen fibers, fetal skeleton, nose, trachea
Where do you find Elastic cartilage?
Name two places you find fibrocartilage
Disks in back, meniscus (between femur and tibia)
What is fibrocartilage consisted of?
Densely packed collagen
What is the main function of fibrocartilage?
Shock absorption
What cells build bones?
What do osteoblast become when they age
Osteocytes - but they can turn back to osteoblasts if needed
What is hydroxyapatite?
Mineral that makes up 70% of bones, Ca+ and K+
What is the acid mantle and what is its pH?
Thin layer on skin that protects from bacteria. pH is 4-6
What fibers are the dermis made up of?
Collagen and Elastic
What kind of tissue is the subcutaneous layer made up of?
Adipose, areolar
What glands do both thick and thin skin have?
What 4 cell types are found in the epidermis?
Karatinocytes, Melanocytes, Merkel, Langerhans
Which cell type of the epidermis activates an immune response?
Which type of cell in the epidermis has touch receptors?
Which cell type in the epidermis has a high mitotic rate?
What is the stratum corneum consisted of?
Dead cells, sacs of keratin, (3/4 epirdermal)
Which stratum is found only in thick skin?
Which stratum isn't replaced?
In what stratum do cells contain thick bundles of intermediate filaments?
Which stratum is the bottom layer?
What % of the epidermis is keratinocytes?
What are two zones of the dermis?
Papillary (1/5), Reticular
What does the reticular layer do?
Holds things together