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What does Arbor vitae mean?
The Tree of Life
What muscle is responsible from keeping your toes from dragging when you walk?
P 373

Extensor Digitorum Longus
What statement about a Coma is true.
P 458

Total unresponsiveness to sensory stimuli for and extended period is called a coma.
In coma patients oxygen use is always below resting level.
Blows to the head may induce coma by causing wide cerebral or brain stem trauma.
Tumors or infections that invade the brain stem may cause coma.
The ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral homisphere are called what?
P 434

the spinal cord has gray matter on the what?
P 471

Gray Commissure; Posterior (dorsal) Horn; Anterior (ventral) Horn; Lateral Horn.
Wrinkles on your forehead; what muscles are involved?
P 335

Frontalis, and Corrugator Supercilii.
Cell bodies of the sensory neuron of the spinal nerves are licated in what?
P 467
Dorsal Root Ganglia.
Muscles that are found at the openings of the body are collectively called?
P 326

Sphincters (squeezers)
Neurol tracks (for pain) that convey life saving information are called?
Lateral spinalthalamic.
Which of the following muscles are involved in the inversion of the ankle?
P 379
Tibialis anterior, extensor digi longus extensor hallucis longus and fibularis tertius
All the following are true about graded potential?
Short Lived
Called Graded Potential because their magnitude varies directly with stimulus strenght.
Are trigered by some change (a stimulus) in the neurons enviroment that causes gated ion channels to open.
P 401
Are given different names depending on where they occur, & the functiosn they perform.
Which muscle is a flexor of the thigh?
P 367
Illiopsoas (Prime mover for flexing thigh)
Paralysis of which muscle would make a person unable to flex the knee?
Page 373

popliteus muscle
Which muscle (in babies) is the intermuscular injection site?
PAGE 369

Gluteus Medius
What muscle does not act in plantar flexion?
P 376
Cerebral spinal fluid curculates within the ventricles of the brain & in Subarachnoid space outside the brain.
P 465
Fainting and Syncope are the same thing.
The Limbic system acts as the emotional system for our brain.
P 454
The functional center found in the medulla ablongata is the resporatory center?
Embryonic damage to the mesencephalom results in improper formation of the mid-brain.
P 432

What muscle flexes the wrist?
Flexor carpi ulnaris,
What muscle extends and abducts the wrist?
Extensor carpi radialis longus & brevis.
What muscle is the slow acting finger flexor?
Flexor digitorum profundus.
What muscle extends the thumb?
Extensor pollicis brevis & longus.
What muscle is a powerful wrist flexor that also stabilizes the wrist and finger extension.
Flexor carpi ulnaris.
Muscle that provides the major force for producing a specific movement (prime mover)
Muscles that opose or reverse a particular movement.
Help prime movers by adding extra fource to same mobement & reduce undesirabel & unnecesary movement as prime mover contracts.
Absolute Refactory Period
P 406
The period from the opening of the activation gates of the Na+ channels to the closint of the inactivation gates.
P 402
A reduction in membrane potential.Sodium gates are open, but potassiom channels remain closed.
-70 mV to - 65 mV.
P 402
Increase in Sodium Na+ rermeability and reversal of membrane potential
Spatial Summation
P 412
Occurs when postsynaptic neuron is stimulated at the same time by a large number of terminals from the some or, more commonly, different neurons.
Temporal Summation
P 412
occurs when oner or more presynaptic neurons transmit impulses in rapid-fire order and bursts of neurotransmitter are released in wuick succession.
Sub- Threshold
P 413
When symapse if stumulated and again shortly therafter but the two do not overlap in time, so no summation occurs, threshold is not reached.
P 405
Threshold is the membrane potential at which the outward current created by Potasium K+ movement is exactly equal to the inward curent created by Sodium Na+ movement. Reached when the membrane has been depolarized by 15 to 20 mV from the resting value.
- 55mV
Parietal area
P 434

Sensory, touch, receives info from touch to the skin (face and fingertips are the most sensory areas)
Frontal area
Motor, personality, speech production, volumtary movement of skeletal mucles.
Temporal area
Hearing (auditory)Memories of sound stored here.