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What substance refers to an ion that carries a (+) charge?
NaCI is a ex. of a?
What circulates as orbits and carries a neg charge?
The pH scale measures the concentration of what?
Hydrogen (H)
What describes best the pH of blood?
alkaline pH
Name the 3 types of Chemical bonds?
1. IONic
2. Covalent
3. Hydrogen
Unit of measurement that indicates how many H+ are in a solution?
When the blood pH is more than 7.45, the patient is what?
alkalosis (alkalotic)
When the blood pH is less than 7.35, the patient is?
acidosis (acidotic)
What reaction is formed when HCI is mixed w/ NaOH solution to form a salt and water?
A molecule composed of two oxygen atoms, in nature as gas and the air we breath contains 21% of it?
Oxygen (O2)
Compound of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms makes this. Made when food is broken down for energy?
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
What is considered a strong acid and dissociates completely into H+ and anion?
anion is a ______charge?

cation is a _______charge?
1. Negative charge
2. Positive charge
Different form of the same element (same atomic No, but a different atomic weight)
a heavy hydrogen.