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Integumentary System
External support
Vitamin D production
Skeletal System
Internal support & protection
Body movement
Protection of blood cells.
Muscular System
Body movement
Production of body heat
Nervous System
Regulates all body activites
Learning & memory
Endocrine System
Secretion of hormones for chemical regulation of all tissues.
Respiratory System
Gaseous exchange between external environment & blood.
Circulatory System
Transport of nutrients to cells.
Transport of waste away from cells.
Lymphatic/Immunity System
Absorption of fats
Drainage of tissue fluid
Digestive System
Breakdown & absorption of food materials.
Urinary System
Maintenance of volume & chemical composition of blood.
Reproductive System
Production of Sperm & Egg.
Transfer of sperm to female system where development occurs.
Separation of the cytoplasm into two parts. Which occurs in the latter stages of mitosis or cell division.