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How did population patterns change between 1860 to 1890?
Most new immigrants to the U.S settled to the cities.
What the relationship between factory work and the interest in sports in the late 1800's?
As factory work intensified workers sought sports as a mean of relaxation.
What was NOT a result of the building boom in the late 1880's?
The carriage was not a result.
Poor, Middle class, Upper Class are examples of what?
Patterns of city settlement
What did the poor mostly live in?
Critics complained about these types of newspaper stories.
yellow journalism
Increase in population resulted in what structures being built?
Define the Chinese Exclusion Act
The first law to prevent a national group from entering the U.S.
Strongest effect on the growth of education after the Civil War
compulsory education laws
Reformers used these to solve city problems.
profesional fire companies
The main theme found in realist writing was...
the problems of the poor
What did compulsory laws enforce?
Children had to attend school
How did newspapers attract women readers?
They contained topics of interest to women.
How did acculturation help immigrants blend into American society?
They were able to retain their own cultures while adapting to American customs.
*Include relevant details
Specifically name some ways immigrants adapted to American culture? (study p. 604)
1. settled in neighborhoods with people from the same country.
2. Spoke their own languages and learned english
3. blended old and new ways
4. some were accepted through entertainment
Describe the reading habits of America in the late 1800's.
1. Dime novels became popular
2. newspapers w/ yellow journalism contained latest news
3. local color was used more commonly in writing
movement of population from farms to cities
local color
reference to speech and habits of a particular region
process of holding on to traditions while adapting to a new culture
music w/ a lively, rythmic sound
variety shows including different forms of entertainment