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kings and queens of the middle ages
system of rule by lords who owe loyalty to the monarch
the lord's castle, peasant's huts and surrounded villages or fields
most people on the manor. They were peasants who worked for the lord and couldn't leave the manor w/out permission
magnetic compass
Invented by the Arabs, it was a needle that always pointed north , helping ship captains to sail a straight course.
tool that made it possible for sailors to determine the position of the stars and figure out latitude at sea
a type of ship w/triangular sails and a steering rudder helped to sail against the wind. Designed by the Portuguese
a group of people who settled in a distant land and are ruled by govt. of NATIVE land.
Middle Ages
period in European history from 500 to 1350. Many Euros. thought the world was a great disk made up of Europe, Africa and Asia.
wars fought by European Christians in the Middle Ages to gain control of the Middle East.
French word that means "Rebirth" growth of learning in Europe from the late 1300's to about 1600
Johannes Gutenburg
German inventor of the printing press
Prince Henry
searched for new trade routes. Navigator who encouraged sea captains to sail south along the coast of W. Africa. He invented the caravel. from Portugal
Bartholomeu Diaz
reached the southern tip of Africa. from Portugal
Vasco da Gama
sailed around southern Africa and continued to India. Went on to the East Indies. This was a source of the trade in spices. from Portugal
Christopher Columbus
reached the East indies by sailing west across the Atlantic