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What was the dividing question? and what did it mean?
sectionalism- when regions were seperated with different opinons
What was Abraham Lincolns quote and in what year?
A house divided against itself cannot stand...1858
Who invented copy machine and at waht age?
Thomas Jefferson... 77
What started the Mossuri comprimise?
Missouri wanted to be annexed to the union, but the uniion was already equal 11:11,

north says no becuase they dont want to be outnumbered.
Who discovered the Missouri comprimise? and what was his nick name?
Henry Clay. Great comprimiser
What was the Mossouri Comprimise?
When a like slave state applied then the union would find a free state to equal everything out?
What was the line in the Mossuri comprimies??
It was a 30 60 line until the louisiana purchase, above it was free, below was slave
How did the Mossuri comprimise last? until?
It lasted 30 yrs. until the mexican war.
What was the California qutoe?
"Theres gold in them thar hills"
What year was the " california questiong
What was the chaos in California?
there wasn't enough supllies.
medical food shelter water

and there was a lot fo fighiting for gold.
Who was the Souths speaker man?
John Calhun
What was the comimise of 1850?
Let utah and mexico vote.

No more trading slaves in Washington.. and slaves aren't free until theymake it to canada.
Who proposed it? the Comprimise of 1850?
Henry Clay
What was the fugitive slave law?
the slaves weren't fee utnil they reached Canada.
What region henry clay favor?
What was his first comprimise?
the west
- The mossuri comprmise
What region did Daniel webster favor?
What did he hate?
And what was his quote?
- Slavery but hates loosing the union more
-" liberty and union, on and unseperatable, now & forever
what region did Calhoun favor? how did he die?
- consumption
What year was Zachary Taylor president and how did he die?
in 1848,

cold milk and cherrys... gastro entinitis
Who become pres. after Zachary Taylor? and waht did he accomplish
Millard Filmore...

he accomplished nothing except sighing the comprimise of 1850.
Who wrote uncle Tom's cabin?
Harriet Becher Stowe?
How did her book change the world?
Abraham lincoln said " so your the little women who wrote the book that started this great war"

Queen vicoria cryed
Who were the electives for both parties in 1852?
Deomocrats- Fraknin peirce

Whigs- winfeild scott
Who wins, why?
Franklin Peirce wins becuase he says nothign about alvery just populary soverinty
What happens to the whigs?
" The whigs are dead dead dead!"

Whigs joion Free soilers
"Who do the free soilers become?
Who purposed the Knasa-Nebraska act?
Stephan Douglas.
What did the south call the book uncle toms cabin?
a pack of lies
What was the problem in the Missouri comprimise?
They would always have to fine a new state to join the union.
What year does hte missour comprimise start?
What was zachary taylor? (saying)
"old rough and ready"
Who moves to Kansas?
Both abolisitins, and pro-slaves
What are beacher bibles?
Who are border ruffians?
pro slaves moving into kansas to vote
What do the pro-slaves do as they attack?
They attack in Sad of Lawerence, break windows and rough up the town.
Who did god "talk" to? and what did he do?
John Brown

he beated to death 5 border ruffians. ( in retaliation form sade of Lawerence)
What was kanasa called? y?
"bleeding Kansas"
- becuase it was a mini civil war
What was the united state senate like?
It was a gentlemans club "upper house" polite and they got along
Who wrote the inuslting speach agianst the south?
Charles Sumner
Who is Preson Brooks?
Hes a southener who came inton the house of senates and hacked Chales Sumner with his cane.
How did the south show Brooks was a hero?
They sold stamps with canes on them.
In the election of 1856, who did the republicans and Democrats elect?
Demos.- James Buchanon

Repubs.- John Fremont
Who was John Freemont?did he win?
He was a passed war hero who had was in the popular party. . . but lost.
Who was James Buchanon?
Pennsylvanias only president who never married.
What was the quote about the war hero?
"When in doub, choose a war hero!"
What are the 5 slavery alternatives?

2. Allow slaves EVERYWHERE

3. allow each state to vote (popular sovernity)

4. You cannon estend slaves in new territory

5. Extend the 30 60 line all the way to the pacific ocean.