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Where was the Confederate capitol?
Richmond, Va
What did most people in Richmond think the war would be like?
Over Quickly, many did not expect four years of terrible fighting.
When was Lincoln elected to his first term?
Nov, 1860
Where were the first shots fired of the Civil war.
Fort Sumter, by the Confederates
At the start of the war, many Confederate solders where afraid the war would be _______ before they could fight.
What famous book did Harriet Beecher write?
'Uncle Tom's Cabin'
Harriet Beecher's father was a ________.
Congregational Minister
Harriet Tubman's faith was strong. She said, " I always told God, I'm going to ____________ on you, and you've got to see me through"
hold steady
What woman was one of the most famous "conductors" of the underground railroad?
Harriet Tubman
What famous explorer did Lincoln's father become friends with?
Daniel Boone
Where and what year was Abraham Lincoln Born?
Kentucky, 1809
Someone who wanted to end slavery was called an___________.
Who was the confederate president?
Jefferson Davis
Finish this Lincoln qoute concerning slavery. "let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us, to the end, ______________________________."
"...dare to do our duty as we understand it."
The first state to secede was?
South Carolina
How did West Virginia become a state?
The people over the mountain to the west did not agree with Virginia seceding, so they formed West Virginia.
Name five generals that Lincoln tried before settling on Gen Grant.
McClellan, Fremont, Burnside, Halleck, Hooker, Pope, Meade. (Any five)
How long did Gen Scott figure the war would last?
2-3 years
What did Gen Scott call his war plan?
The "Anaconda"
What was Gen. McClellan's major "problem."
He didn't like to fight.
What General did Lincoln settle on, to lead his army.
Ulysses S. Grant
The South was known to have good generals, Why?
They came from a soldiering tradition, and many of them went to military academies.
Name two of the greatest Confederate generals.
Robert E. Lee and Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson.
Which southern general was called "Tom Fool" behind his back by his men?
Thomas J. Jackson
Which southern general later became a wizard for the Ku Klux Klan?
Nathan Bedford Forrest
What was "Stonewall" Jackson's horse name?
Which southern general was offered command of the entire union army?
Robert E. Lee
Even though Pres. Jefferson had great Generals, what was one major problem for him during the civil war?
He didn't have enough food, clothing, weapons, and ships.
What is a Feudal society?
A society where laborers work for a master and in return the master is supposed to protect them from enemies and give them enough land to support themselves.
What did confederate soldiers often take from dead union soldiers bodies?
The south wasn't really worried about the lack of supplies like food, clothing, etc. Why?
They were sure that England would provide supplies.
What year did Great Britain abolish slavery?
What was a another major problem for Jefferson concerning governing and controling the states in the confederacy?
The articles of confederation gave more power to the states then to the central government, taking away Jeffersons power to fight a winable war.
Name two brothers that fought and died in the same battle.
Major Clifton Prentiss and Youger brother William in the battle at Petersburg Va.
Name two best friends that ended up on opposing sides during the war.
Captain Winfield Scott and Captain Lewis Armistead
The people of the north were fighting for something no people had ever done before. What?
They were fighting to make other men, women,and children free.
What military academy were many of the generals (on both sides) graduates of?
How did Va Senator James M. Mason understand the differences between the north and the south?
He said, "I look upon it (the Civil War) then, sir, as a war form of society against another form of society."
How old were many of the soldiers in the civil war?
18 or 19
Name the regiment that contained only soldiers older then 45?
There were many volunteers at the start of the war. Why?
The young men were eager to fight.
Name on way a Northener could get out of figting in the war.
He could pay someone to fight for him.
Confederates could be excused from the war if they what?
Owned 20 or more slaves.
Name Lincoln's two younger sons.
Tad and Willie
What did Willie Lincoln die from?
Typhoid fever
How large was General McClellan's army that marched on Richmond in 1862?
When General McClellan marched on Richmond in 1862, what went wrong?
He was slow to attach and it rained heavily.
McClellan's beleived his army was outnumbered when he tried to take Richmnond in 1862. Was he out numbered?
No, he outnumbered the federates greatly and may have been able to shorten the war by two years.
Although "Stonewall" Jackson was outnumbered 2 to 1 at the battle of Chancellorsville Va, he won the battle. But paid a very high price. What?
His life