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refers to the computer's physical components, such as the monitor, keyboard, memory chips, and hard drive.
refers to the set of instructions that directs the hardware to accomplish a task
In order to perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basic functions:
input,processing,output,and storage
In 1940s, John Atanasoff came up with the brilliant idea to store and read only two values, on and off. This technology of storing and reading only two states is called?
binary that uses two digits 0 & 1 is called binary number system
The 1 or 0in the binary number system is called a _______.
The most popular coding scheme for letters and characters is __________. It assigns an 8-bit code for letters, symbols and other characters.
ASC11 (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
A shorthand way that the computer displays long binary numbers, making them easier for human beings to read and understand is:___________. It is a number system built on multiples of two,and has 16 numerals 1-9,A-F
Hexadecimal notation or Hex
What is the (CPU) central processing unit,microprocessor, or processor?
The CPU is the most important chip in the computer, device is central to all processing the computer does. It reads data received by input devices, and output from the CPU is written to output devices. The CPU writes data and instructions in storage devices and performs calculations and other data processing.
Whether inside or outside the case, and regardless of the functions the device performs, each hardware device requires these elements to operate:
A method for the CPU to communicate with the device, Software to instruct and control the device, and Electricity to power the device.
Input/output devices reside outside the computer case. These devices communicate inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through cables attached to the case at a connection called a ________.
A primary input device of a computer that has a standard of 102 keys on it.