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Who lived at the Yamato Settlement?
Japanese immigrants lived at the Yamato Settlement.

These immigrants grew pineapples for several years until a plant disease killed the crop.

After the pineapple crop died most of the people moved away.
Immigrants from what country started the settlement of Yamato?
A demand is a desire for a good or service by people who are willing to pay for it.
Who was George Morikami?
George Morikami was a Japanese immigrant that lived in the Yamato Settlement. He farmed pineapples and invested in land. The land values prospered when the pineapple industry failed. He gave his land to the state where the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens are maintained.
A Growing State: More Changes for Florida
Lesson 4
pg. 290 - 297
What effect did railroads have on Florida's citrus industry?
Immigrants contributed to the growth of many towns and cities. What product was harvested in Tarpon Springs?
Tarpon Springs is known for its harvest of natural sponges. A Greek immigrant,
John Cocoris, brought Greek divers to harvest sponges using diving suits, from the Gulf ocean floor.
Why did people decide to move to Florida in the late 1800's and early 1900's?
People decided to move to Florida in the late 1800's and early 1900's because ..

- they liked the states warm weather and natural beauty,
- they wanted jobs in the state's growing industries.
What was the Overseas Railroad?
The Overseas Railroad was the extension of Henry Flagler's railroad from Miami to Key West. Six steel bridges had to be built over the water to get the trains to Key West.
Migration is the movement of people from one place to another.
Which railroad builder helped develop Florida's east coast?
Henry M. Flagler was a railroad builder that helped develop Florida's east coast.
What were early visitors to Florida called before they were called tourists?

First early visitors were called strangers, then visitors, when Floridian's became more comfortable with visitors.After tourism began to grow and Floridian's realized the financial value of our visitors, they were called tourists.
What is Daytona Beach's nickname?
Daytona Beach's nickname is the " Birthplace of Speed".

The hard sand of the beaches made it perfect for racing cars.
What was Florida's population by the early 1900's?
Florida's population by the early 1900's was more than 500,000 people.
Where was the Yamato Settlement?
The Yamato Settlement was near Boca Raton.
Prejudice is an unfair feeling of hate or dislike for members of a certain group because of their background, race, or religion.
Who started a school for African American girls in Daytona in 1904?
Mary McLeod Bethune started a school for African American girls in Daytona in 1904.