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You get an error during POST on a PC. What could this mean? (Choose two)
A. BIOS needs to be reset.
B. There is a hardware failure.
C. HIMEM.SYS is missing or incorrect.
D. The drivers for the device are incorrect.
E. The Windows file system is generating an error
Answer: A, B
POST errors could disappear after a reset of the BIOS. Errors during POST are hardwarerelated.
Missing files or incorrect files, incorrect drivers, or problems with the file system would
not generate POST errors.
A workstation has just been installed on the Ethernet LAN but cannot communicate with
the network. What should you do first?
A. Reinstall the network protocols.
B. Reinstall the network interface card driver.
C. Verify the IP configuration on the workstation.
D. Verify the link status on the computer’s network card.
220 - 221
Answer: D
The driver of the network adapter could be misconfigured or faulty.
A customer just installed a new CD-RW. The system was working fine before the
installation, but now the CD-RW does not work. What should you suggest that the
customer do?
A. Flash or upgrade the BIOS
B. Check the CONFIG.SYS setup
C. Add CD_RW in the device manager
D. Check the jumper settings on the CD-RW
Answer: D
The first troubleshooting step is to check if the jumper settings of the CD-RW is correctly
set to either master or slave.
Which events increase the chances of a motherboard failure? (Choose two)
A. Power being lost while updating the BIOS.
B. Power being lost while updating the printer.
C. Connecting a USB device with the power on.
D. Connecting a PS/2 mouse with the power on.
E. Connecting a serial mouse with the power on.
Answer: A, E
Power loss during the update process of the BIOS could result in a motherboard failure.
We should avoid connecting a serial mouse to the computer while the power is turned on.
If we are unlucky the motherboard might get damaged.
You just installed a Pentium II 800-MHz chip. When you booted up your computer, it
only recognized 400-MHz chip. What could be the problem?
A. Only half of the chip is installed into the socket.
B. The jumper settings on the chip are not correct.
C. You do not have enough space on your hard drive.
D. The BIOS setting is not reflecting a multi-speed setting.
Answer: D
The BIOS setting should be reconfigured for the new CPU speed.
If the CPU chip is incorrectly installed the computer would not start.
There is no jumper settings on CPU chips.
Lack of hard drive space would not result in this behaviour
A service technician is trying to install two IDE drivers as master/slave on the same ATA
port. Drive 1 installed first, jumped as a master and the BIOS correctly auto detected it.
Drive2 was then jumped as a slave and installed but the BIOS would not auto detect it.
Which of the following would be the next logical step to trouble shoot the problem?
A. Replace drive 1.
B. Replace drive 2.
C. Make the CD-ROM drive the slave.
D. Configure drive 2 as a master with no slave.
Answer: D
We should try the 2nd drive as a master with no slaves to check if the drive has some
physical defect or not.