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Which port(s) are used for serial ports?
DB-9 and DB-25 are serial ports connectors.
Convert this hexadecimal number to its binary equivalent: A73F.
1010011100111111. To arrive at this answer, convert each of the individual numerals inthe heaxdecimal number to its binary equivalent. A, for instance,is 1010, 7 is 0111, 3 is 0011 and F equals 1111
Does pure water conduct electricty?
No. This is because it contains no impurities that would actually do the conducting of electricity.
What is the resistance rating of a resistor with the markings (from left to right) red,brown, yellow, gold?
210,000ohms 5%. Red equals 2, brown equals 1, yellow equals 10,000, and gold equals +5%. Putting this all together, take the 21 from the first two band and multiply it times 10,000 of the third band. This give you 210,00 and the tolerance is the last band, or +5%
Which of the following components can be used to configure an adapter card?
Most adapter cards can be configured with software, which is the easiest option, or jumpers, the manual option.
Convert the following decimal number to binary 219.
11011011. To arrive at the correct answers, you must start with the MSB and place a 1 in each placeholder until, added up, the placeholders equal 219.
Which type of screw was chosen because of its relative immunity to head damage anf for its "high-tech" look?
What is the maximum resistance of a resistor with the following markings: red, brown, red?
2520Ohms. Each colored band stands for a number. The first two bands represent the digits of a two-digit number. The third band represents a multiplier. The presence or absence of a fourth band represents a margin of error factor commonly referred to as the tolerance range. So red =2, brown equals 1, and red equals 100, to equal 2100Ohms. The tolerance range, because no fourth band is present,would be +20% adding another 420 for a grand total of 2520Ohms.
Which electrical component resists the flow of electricity?
A component that is commonly used in computers is the resistor. As its name suggest, it resist the flow of electrity.
Convert the following binary number to decimal: 10110101.
181.When trying to convert a binary number to decimal. you need to look at the positions of the 1s. You read the digits form left to right. When the digits are added together, you get the decimal equivalent 181.
What are two ways to configure an interrupt for a device on the motherboard?
An interrupt request for a device can be configured manually by either using DIP switches, which are usually much easier to set, or by using jumpers.
What is the best method of preventing ESD damage?
Antistatic wrist strap
What is the least significant bit (LSB) of the number 10100010?
Zero is the least significant bit because the LSB is always the bit on the far right.
Which type IC package is usually surface mounted and used for VLSI applications?
Quad Small Outline Package (QSOP)
When connecting an ESD strap to an extension cord, you must connect it to________.
Ground Pin
What does ESD stand for?
Electrostatic Discharge
Computers and component parts use what type of signals to transmit information?
Computers and component parts use digital signals to transmit information.
How many volts does it take to damage a CMOS-based IC?
100 because CMOS chips use a thin metal oxide layer that is hypersensitive to ESD.
The following components are found in today's microcomputers.
Resistors,transistors, and capacitors.
Which type of IC package has two rows of pins, one on each side of the package?
Dual Inline Package (DIP)
A male DB-25 port is most likely a ______.
Serial Port