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What processor use a slot 1 configuration?
Intel Pentium 2
What is proper installation practice for installing DIMMs and RIMMs?
Unplug the PC
The system you are working on boots up wit the error messsage "no operating isystem' Which command gets rid of the problem?
What is the term that is used to refer to a malicious program that replicates itse;f and attached itself to other programs?
Which ZIP socket does an AMD XP processor use?
A (AMD Socket A XP)
The PING command is used to check for ________
IP Connectivity
What protocol is used by World Wide Web?
What is modified when changing the system startup boot sequence?
What is a dynamic IP address?
DHCP assigned address
Which values are held in the CMOS for hard drive?
Size (Head, Cylinders, Sectors) - In BIOS the size of a hard drive is measured in Heads, Cylinders, and Sectors
What is one type of networking that Windows 98 provide?
Where are the system and time maintained whenj the system is tured off?
In the CMOS
What does a 201 error indicate during POST?
Memory error
How can a user find a network printer on a Windows 9x workgroup?
By NetBIOS name
In which circumstance is it necessary to replace the CMOS chip?
If it is a non flash type