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Application Software
Programs that allow human users to accomplish specialized tasks, such as word processing or database management
A Binary Digit
A Sequence of bits used to encode a character in memory
A Major hardware component that consists of the arithmetic/logic unit and the control unit
The computing machine and its support devices
Information Hiding
A condition in which the user of a module does not know the details of how it is implemented,and the implementer of a module does not know the details of how it is used
Object-Oriented Programming
The construction of software systems that use objects
Primary Memory
Main Memory
Secondary Memory
An auxiliary device for memory, usually a disk or magnetic tape
Programs that make the machine (the hardware) do something, such as word processing, database management, or games
SDLC: Software developement Life Cycle
The process of development, maintenance, and demise of a software system. Phases include analysis, design, coding, testing/verification, maintenance, and obsolence
System Software
The programs that allow users to write and execute other programs including operating systems such as Windows and MacOS
Waterfall Model
A seris of steps in which a software system trickles down from analysis to design to implementation