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Name 3 functions of the skin:
regulation of the body's temp., protection & production of vitamin D
What part of the skin is composed of collagen and elastic fibers?
The dermis
Name the 2 main layers of the skin:
epidermis & dermis
Nails are derived from the same cells as the ___________.
epidermis & hair
The sebaceous glands secrete a substance called____________.
The _____________nerve supplies the eye.
2nd Cranial
What part of the eye bends the light rays?
the cornea
What part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye?
the pupil
Name the 3 parts of the ear.
the external (gathers sound), the middle (amplifies sound), the inner ear (converts sound vibrations to electrical impulses)
Name 2 functions of the ear __________&_____________.
hearing and balance
Name 3 things the nose does to the air
cleans, warms & moisturizes the air
The fine hairs in the nose are called________________.
The nose is the sense organ of ______________.
smell (olfactory)
What 3 things is the tongue essential for?
taste, swallowing food and speech