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Functions of bone
Support, Protection, Movement, Blood cell formation, Storage and release of minerals and lipids
Types of bones based on the shape
Long, Short, Irregular, Flat, Sesamoid
Long bones
long and slender, ex. limbs or appaendicular skeleton
Short bones
small and boxy, ex. carpal or wrist bones
Flat bones
thin and roughly parallel surface, ex. skull, sternum, ribs
Irregular bones
ex. vertebrae
Sesamoid bones
bones added after birth except for patella
Bone markings or surface features
Projection, Process, Depression, Openings
Projection bone markings
Condyle, Epicondyle
Process bone markings
Trochanter, Tuberosity, Tubercle, Spine
Depression bone marking
Opening bone marking
Foramen, Canal, Fissure, Sinus or antrum
Parts of a long bone
Diaphysis, Epiphysis, Metaphysis
Body or tubular shaft of a long bone
Head or expanded area on both ends of a long bone
Neck or narrow zone between diaphysis and epiphysis at both ends of a long bone
Compact Bone Coverings
Periosteum, Endosteum
the outer covering of the compact bone, 2 layers are: Fibrous or outer layer, Cellular or inner layer, has osteocyte
the internal surface of the spongy bone, 1 cellular layer, has osteocyte
Marrow Cavity
the space in the center of a long bone that is filled with bone marrow
2 marrow cavities
Yellow marrow contains fat, Red marrow contains blood cells
Bone Cells
Osteoprogenitor, Osteoblast, Osteocyte, Osteoclast
stem cells or mesenchymal cells that give rise to osteoblast
young cell, actively making osteocytes or deposit bone matrix
mature bone cells, do not divide, maintain bone matrix
huge cells similar to WBC, loaded with enzymes that breaks down bone matrix