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What function does the external data bus have in the PC?
The external data bus provides a channel for the flow of data and commands between the CPU and RAM.
Jane, the hardware technician for a nonprofit corporation, has 10 systems that she needs to upgrade with new microprocessors. Each system currently has an ATX motherboard with a Slot 1 intel Pentium II 266MHz installed. The motherboards can operate at voltages from 2.0 to 2.9 volts. To keep the upgrade costs low, her boss has told her to use the existing motherboards if possible?
Primary objectives: Upgrade the systems with faster CPUs.

Optional objectives: Use existing motherboards and avoid adding any hardware aside from the CPU.

Proposed solution: Jane places an order for 10 PPGA Celeron 533 processors and 10 sockets for PGA to Slot 1 conversion.
The proposed solution: Meets the primary objective and one of the optional objectives.
What do registers provide for the CPU?
The CPU uses registers for temporary storage of internal commands and data.
The Pentium II has which of the following advantages over the Pentium?
Quad Pipelining
The Pentium III processor has 32K of Level 1 cache, whereas the Athlon has 128K of Level 1 cache. What does the cache provide for the processor(s)?
Cache enables the CPU to continue working during system RAM refreshes.
What is the size of the data bus and address bus on a Pentium II CPU?
64-bit data bus, 32-bit data address bus.
What is the function of the address bus in the PC?
The address bus enables the CPU to communicate with the chipset.
A donor gives five SEC-sytle Athlon 800MHz processors to the nonporfit corporation for which Jane works as a technician. She has several systems with ATX motherboards and Slot 1 Intel Pentium III 800Mhz CPUs installed. Her boss wants her to upgrade five systems with the new processors but to keep the upgrade costs low if possible by using the existing motherboards.

Primary objective: Upgrade the systems with faster CPUs.

Optional objective: Use existing motherboards.

Proposed solution: Remove the Pentium III CPUs on five systems and replace them with the new Athlon CPUs.
The proposed solution: Meets neither objective.
When a tech adds a new Pentium III processor to a motherboard, which of the following should he or she check? (choose the best answer.)
Clock speed of the CPU, clock multiple for the CPU, voltage setting on the motherboard, system clock.
The Pentium III can run in which of the following modes?(Choose the best answer.)
Real mode, 286 protected mode, 386 protected mode