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How does a device initiate a conversation with the CPU?
By using an IRQ.
What is a COM port?
A preset combination of I/O addresses and IRQ for a serial device.
Joan has a Pentium II system to which she wants to add several expansion cards. The system currently has only an AGP video card installed. She has a PCI sound card, a PCI network card, and an ISA modem that is not plug and Play, but rather uses jumpers to allocate resources.
Primary objective: Install the two PCI devices and avoid any resource conflict.

Optional Objectives: Install the ISA device and avoid any resource conflict. Avoid damaging any of the cards or the motherboard.

Proposed solution: Install the cards one at a time, being careful to touch only the edges of the crds. When the BIOS detects each card and Windows loads and prompts for drivers, insert a driver disk. After each device installs, go to Device Manager and check the list to see if any conflicts exist. Then shut down and go through the installation scenario again.
The Proposed solution:
Accomplishes the primary objective and both optional objectives.
What is the difference between a TypeII and a TypeIII PC card?
Type II cards are 5mm thick; Type III cards are 10.5mm thick.
How does the CPU communicate with device?
The CPU uses the device's I/O address over the address bus.
In Windows 2000, what is the best place to determine which devices get which system resources?
Right-click My computer and select Properties. In system Properties, go to Device Manager double-click the Computer icon.
What is an "8259"?
IRQ controller chip.
Steve adds two expansion cards t his system: a sound card and a network card. The sound uses I/0 address 300-330 and IRQ 5. The network card uses I/O addresses 310-340 and IRQ2. When he boots the computer, it completely locks up. What is most likely the problem?
I/0 address conflict between the sound card and the network card.
The industry Standard Architectue (ISA) expansion slots came in two flavors. What were they?
8-bit and 16-bit
Carol has two external serial devices, a mouse and a modem, and two serial ports built into her motherboard. Palph argues that she should set the serial ports to the traditional COM 1 and COM 2 and then plug in her devices. Sylvia argues that she should set up her serial ports as COM 1 and COM 3, but use IRQ5 for COM3. Which one offers advice that will enable Carol to set up the devices and avoid a resource conflict?
Both Ralph and Syvlia are correct.