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What are the overarhcing elements of operationalizing the netowrk?
Readiness and operational reporting
What does a MAJCOM network operations and security center (NOSC) provide?
Real-time operational network intrusion detection
Who provides technical assistance to assigned NCC?
Network operations and security center
Name a task the NCC responsible for?
Provide a core set of office automation application support services
Who is the lead command for the combat information transfer system?
Air Force Communication Agency
What does the combat information transfer system management office develop and maintain?
Voice switching system and telecommunications management system
Which system helps joint force commanders synchronize the action of air, land, sea, space, and special operation forces?
Global command and conrol systems (GCCS)
What Common environments are at the center of the global combat support systems (GCSS)?
operating and data
What architecture view is a description, including graphics, of sytems and interconnections supporting warfighting functions?
What architecture view describes tasks and activities, operational elements, and information flow required to accomplish or support a military operation?
what is the organizing and transforming construction for managing information technology throughout the DOD?
Global Information Grid
What is the objective of the network operations standardization and evaluation program (NOSEP)?
Inspir standardization for network center security issue with new wireless connections
What does the standardization and evaluation program apply to?
work center and all personnel assigned to the base NCC?
What program ensures the authenticity of telecommunications?
communications security
What must you consider to achieve a balance between operational expedience and Communication security?
classification of the information and speed of service
What security program is considered the first line of defense against unauthorized access to information?
Physical safeguards
What type of vulnerability results from incorrect or inadequate computer security safeguards and conrols to a network?
What is the maximum time period in which you must scan a computer system for viruses?
7 caledar days
What security progra is designed to deny unauthorized persons information from interception and analysis from telecommunications systems?
Emission security
With what does the Information Assurance awareness program integrate to achieve information superiority
Computer, Communication, and emission secuity
Communications and information systems officer
How often are systems reaccredited?
Every 3 years
What type of acrreditation is used to accredit functional systems and applications that either not deployed to other locations or are stand-alone systems?
What type of accreditation is used to accredit functional systems and applications that are deployed to multiple locations?
Who establishes policies and procedures for management and support of the organization's computer resources?
The Commander
Who provides guidance and training for the equipment custodians?
Equipment Control Officer