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When using cable select, what designation is given to the drive nearest the connector closest to the motherboard connector?
Slave - When using cable select, the drive on the connector closest to the motherboard connector is designated as the slave device.
In the following figure, what kind of connectors are shown?
The connectors shown in the figure are BNC connectors, which are associated with thin coaxial network cable.
Which IRQ is typically assigned to the keyboard?
The keyboard is assigned IRQ 1
What is the base memory I/O address used by the primary IDE controller?
The memory I/O address range used by the primary hard disk controller is 1F0–1F7h.
By default, which memory I/O address is assigned to COM2?
The memory I/O address 2F8–2FFh is used by the COM2 port.
What is the default IRQ for the floppy drive controller?
The floppy drive controller is typically assigned IRQ 6.
Your system has three USB devices installed on it. One device is plugged directly into a USB port, while the other two devices are plugged into a hub, which is then plugged into the other USB port. How many IRQs will be used by this configuration?
The USB controller is assigned a single IRQ, which is then shared by all of the devices on the USB.
Which interrupt is used to provide additional interrupts, so that more devices can be accommodated?
IRQ 2 is cascaded to IRQ 9 to provide additional IRQ lines.
In a standard configuration, which DMA channel is used for the floppy drive controller?
The floppy drive controller uses DMA channel 2.
Which of the following defines a channel through which a device can notify the processor of its need to communicate with it?
An IRQ is used by a device to signal the processor that it wishes to send data to the processor.
What IRQ does the first parallel port system typically use?
The first parallel port, LPT1, typically uses IRQ 7.
a typical AT PC, how many DMA channels will there be?
There are 8 DMA channels in a standard AT PC, numbered 0 through 7.
On a network card that uses jumpers for configuration, what are the jumpers most likely used for? (Choose two)
Setting the IRQ
Setting the IRQ is commonly performed by jumpers on older network cards.
Setting the memory I/O address
Setting the memory I/O address is commonly performed by jumpers on older network cards.
What is the default IRQ used for the primary hard disk controller?
IRQ 14 is typically assigned to the primary hard disk controller.
What kind of connector on the back of a PC is commonly associated with the parallel port?
25-pin female
The parallel connector on a PC is a 25-pin D-shell female connector.
Which of the following is not a valid type of parallel port?
There is no such thing as a DPP parallel port.
Which of the following data transmission methods transmits data 1 byte at a time?
Parallel communications occur 8 bits, or 1 byte, at a time.
How many pins are there on a standard joystick connector?
Joysticks use a connector with 15 pins arranged in two rows.
True or false: serial interfaces transmit data 1 bit at a time.
Serial interfaces transmit data 1 bit at a time.
What type of component would typically use a DB-15 female connector with three rows of pins?
VGA monitor connections use a 15-pin female connector with the pins arranged in three rows.
The IEEE 1294 interface is also referred to as what?
The IEEE 1294 standard defines a parallel communication standard.
Which of the following connector types on the back of a PC would you most likely associate with a mouse?
9-pin male
The COM ports on the back of a PC system into which you would connect a mouse are 9-pin or 25-pin male DB connectors.
Which of the following interfaces employ serial data transfer? (Choose two)
USB is a serial bus architecture that employs serial data transfer.
IEEE 1394, or FireWire, is a serial bus architecture that employs serial data transfer.
By default, which base memory address is used by the first parallel port in the system?
The I/O address range 378–37Fh is normally assigned to the LPT1 parallel port.
What kind of connector would you associate with a standard telephone cable?
How many pins are there on an IDE connector?
IDE connectors have 40 pins.
You are installing a new CD-ROM in a system that has one IDE hard disk but no other devices. What is the best placement for this device?
As master on the secondary IDE channel
You are installing a new ATA-100 hard disk drive. What kind of cable should you use?
Newer ATA standards such as ATA-100 require a 40-pin, 80-conductor cable.
How many IDE controllers are you likely to find on an ATX motherboard?
When configuring hard drive settings, the term CHS is used. What does CHS stand for?
Cylinders, heads, sectors
Which of the following is a standard related to use of CD-ROM and DVD drives on an IDE subsystem?
The ATAPI interface standard is designed to specify how devices such as CD-ROM and DVD drives are used on an IDE subsystem.
What is the term given to the system by which drives are assigned the master or slave designation by their position on the cable?
Cable select
Which of the following must you consider when installing a new device into your SCSI bus?
Device compatibility
How many storage devices can you use on a SCSI-2 bus?
eight devices, but one of these devices is the SCSI host adapter
You are required to configure the SCSI ID for a device that uses jumpers to set the ID. There are three jumpers and you want to set the ID to 5. How would you arrange the jumpers?
On, Off, On
True or false: you can have 16 devices on a SCSI-1 bus.
False - SCSI-1 is a Narrow SCSI standard that accommodates only eight devices on the bus.
On a SCSI bus, what is the correct placement of terminators?
At each end of the physical SCSI bus
How many storage devices can you install on an Ultra3 SCSI bus?
You install a new external SCSI device on your system, set the ID to 6, and set termination on the device to “on,” but the system is still not able to recognize the device. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
You have not removed the termination from the SCSI host adapter
What is the name given to a resolution of 1024768?
While troubleshooting a problem with a video card, you read a document on the manufacturer’s Web site that suggests using shadowing. What happens when you enable shadowing?
Routines used by the video card are stored in system memory.
Which of the following would be considered a passive cooling component?
Heat sink
What is the term given to a program that is stored on a chip?
You have installed a new processor in your system, but although the system boots and operates correctly, when in Windows, you notice that the speed of the system is being reported as the same as before. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
The jumpers on the motherboard are not set correctly.
Your computer system keeps rebooting without displaying an error message. Which of the following components are you likely to replace?
Power supply
Which of the following commands would you issue to a modem to break the current connection?
Which of the following is a method of clearing the BIOS password?
Removing the CMOS battery for at least 30 minutes
Which of the following devices might you connect to an IEEE 1294 interface? (Choose two)
Laser printer
External storage device
A user reports that they have a problem connecting to the server. You visit their workstation and are able to log in with no problems. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
They are not typing in the correct user name and password combination.
Why is slot cover placement important? (Choose two)
It ensures correct ventilation
It protects against dust.
You are experiencing problems with a tape drive during a restore of data. The data was backed up to the tape the previous night without error. Now, the tape drive is indicating that it is unable to read the tape. Which of the following troubleshooting steps are you likely to try first?
Use a cleaning tape in the drive.
Under what circumstances is the POST run?
Each time the system is cold booted
You have not used your PC for some time. When you do use it, you get a CMOS checksum error. What is the most likely cause of this error?
The CMOS battery is failing
What name is given to a physical device used to test the correct functioning of ports?
Loopback plug
You’ve just installed a new floppy disk drive, but when you power the PC on, the disk drive light stays on. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
The data cable has been connected backwards.
A user calls you to report that their system has stopped working suddenly and powered off. When you visit their workstation, what would you check first?
The power cable
During boot-up you notice that the system only reports half the amount of RAM that it did the previous day. What actions would you perform first? (Choose two)
Check that the installed RAM is seated firmly in its slot.
Systematically remove RAM modules to determine if one of them is faulty.
You place a known working floppy disk into the floppy drive of a computer. When you try to access the disk, you receive a “drive A: not ready” error. Which of the following troubleshooting steps would you perform first?
Try another known working floppy disk in the drive.
A user calls you to report that their computer is issuing a constant series of short beeps. What do you suspect the problem is?
Something is resting on the keyboard
A user calls you to tell you that the sound is no longer working on their PC but it was an hour ago. Which of the following might you suggest to the user? (Choose two)
Check that their speakers are still connected to the socket on the sound card.
Check that they have not turned the volume down on their speakers or computer.
Which of the following are common power conditions that can be corrected by a UPS or surge suppressor? (Choose two)
While replacing your motherboard, you notice that the contacts on your video card are very dirty. What would you use to clean them?
Emery board
What is the name given to the type of cache that is most often incorporated into the CPU?
L1 is the name given to the very small amount of cache that is incorporated onto the actual processor chip.
Which of the following processors would you use in a socket 8 connector?
Pentium Pro
What component would you associate a ZIF socket with?
Which of the following CPUs use Slot 1? (Choose two)
Pentium II processor uses a Slot 1 package
Pentium III processor comes in a Slot 1 or a PGA370 package
You have been asked to upgrade one of the laptops in your company. Which of the following memory form factors are you going to use?
Small-outline DIMMs
Which of the following is not a recognized type of memory packaging?
Extended data out (EDO) is a type of memory, not a packaging format
Which of the following motherboard expansion slots can you use an ISA card in? (Choose two)
Which of the following is a bus slot designed solely for video cards?
The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) slot is designed solely for use with video cards.
What is the standard speed of an ISA bus?
8 MHz
Which of the following types of memory is most often associated with Intel Pentium 4 systems?
Rambus inline memory modules (RIMM) are primarily used with Intel Pentium 4 systems.
Which of the following POST error codes are you likely to see if you have a hard disk controller failure?
POST errors in the 17xx range indicate a problem with the hard disk controller.
What is the name of the chip that holds the BIOS?
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
What are the two terms given to the method by which dot-matrix printers pass paper through the printer?
Friction feed