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What does OEM stand for?
Original Equipment Manufacturer
What does RAM stand for?
Random Access Memory
What does UART stand for?
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
What does ROM stand for?
Read only memory
What does OLE stand for?
Object Linking and Embedding
What does CD stand for?
Compact disk
What does VPN stand for?
Virtual Private Network
What does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
What does PDA stand For?
Personal Digital Assistant
What does PC stand for?
Personal Computer
What does TCP/IP stand for?
Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
What does FTP stand for?
File Transfer Protocol
What does URL stand for?
Universal Resource Locator
What does EMI stand for?
Electromagnet Interference
What does UPS stand for?
Uninterruptible Power Supply
What does LCD Panel stand for?
Liquid Crystal Display Panel
What does WINS stand for?
Windows Internet Naming Service
What does Modem stand for?
What does WWW stand for?
World Wide Web
Whta does HTTP stand for?
HyperText Transfer Protocol
What does NIC stand for?
Network Interface Card
What does GPF stand for?
General Protection Fault
What does IEEE stand for?
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
What does MAN stand for?
Metropolitan Area Network

What does LAN stand for?
Local Area Network
What does HTTPS stand for?
HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
What does Bps stand for?
Bits Per Second
What does NDS stand for
Novell Directory Services
What does HTML stand for?
Hyper Text Markup Language
What does CRT stand for?
Cathode Ray Tube
What does ISDN stand for?
Integrated Services Digital Network
What does Kbps stand for?
Kilobits Per Second
What does WAN stand for?
Wide Area Network
What does DDE stand for?
Dynamic Data Exchange
What does ISP stand for?
Internet Service Provider
What does DSL stand for?
Digital Subscriber Line
What does ISO stand for?
International Standards Organization
What does MAC Address stand for?
Media Access Control Address
What does USB stand for?
Universal Serial Bus
What does DAC stand for?
Digital to Analog Convertor
What does GUI stand for?
Graphical User Interface
What does DPI stand for?
Dots Per Inch
What does ESD stand for?
Electro Static Discharge
What does MHz stand for?
What does ATM stand for?
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
What does LED stand for?
Light Emitting Diode
What does RAID stand for?
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
What does DHCP stand for?
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
What does NTFS stand for?
New Technology File System
What does IP stand for?
Internet Protocol
What does PCMCIA stand for?
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
What does CD-R stand for?
Compact Disk Recordable
What does AGP stand for?
Accelerated Graphics Port
What does DLL stand for?
Dynamic Link Library
What does BIOS stand for?
Basic Input Output System
What does CRC stand for?
Cyclic Redundancy Check
What does ZIF stand for?
Zero Insertion Force
What does DNS stand for?
Domain Name Service
What does IRQ stand for?
Interrupt Request
What does DRDRAM stand for?
Direct Rambus DRAM
What does MBR stand for?
Master Boot Record
What does DVD stand for?
Digital Video Disk
What does DOS stand for?
Disk Operating System
What does DRAM stand for?
Dynamic Random Access Memory
What does DMA stand for?
Direct Memory Address
What does IIS stand for?
Internet Information Services
What does SCSI stand for?
Small Computers Systems Interface
What does KB stand for?
What does ASCII stand for?
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
What does DIMM stand for?
Dual Inline Memory Module
What does does FAT stand for?
File Allocation Table
What does CMOS stand for?
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
What does HDD stand for?
Hard Disk Drive
What does SIMM stand for?
Single Inline Memory Module
What does BNC stand for?
British Naval Connector