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Food safety is an attribute of what?
Food quality
What differs food safety from food quality?
you can see food quality, you cant see food safety
Whose responsibilty is food safety?
its shared with everyoen
What is the fed state and local regulation of food?
fed is USDA FDA, state is the michigan department of ag
What do good microorganisms do?
they ferment foods, preserve them, unique flavors and textrurse
What are microbes that cause foodborne illness?
pathogens like….bacteria, viruses, parasites
Whats the difference between infections and intoxications?
infection caused by microorganisms, intoxications caused by ingestion of toxins
Where are microbial pathogens found?
soils and human and animal intestinal tracts
What causes the greatest number of foodborne illnesses?
What do bacteria need to grow?
mousture, nutrients and warmth
How does bacteria increase in number?
double every half hour
How does acidity affect bacteria growth?
there needs to be the right ph balance
What is the TDZ?
41 to 140 F
What is facultative?
can grow with or without oxygen
Common source of salmonella?
poultry eggs
affects young and eldrly, all foods, even ready to eat meeats require thorough cooking
Staff infection?
best stopped by good personal hygien
time temperature food controls important for this
conroled through careful time-temperature control of foods
E coli?
raw ground beef
What causes most illlnes from viruses in food?
How do foodborne viral disease result from?
usually fecal contamination, they do not multiply in food
Hep A?
poor personal hygiene
Where do parasites multiply?
in intestinal track
How are parasites spread?
fecal contamination of water or produce
What is infectious dose?
number of microorganisms needed to cause disease