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Macro Nutients
six of them
need them b/c
Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water
Don’t have these body won’t function properly
does what for body
% of calories
foods w/it
build body up- 20-30% of calories are these, get from meat, fish, peanuts, eggs, dairy, beans, soy beans;
Types of Proteins
Complete- amino acids, food w/it
Incomplete- comes from plants, do what with them, ex.
servings needed a day
Complete- needs 20 amino acids, 11 body makes, ex. Soy beans; Incomplete- come from plants except soy, combine 2 incomp to make comp; need 5 ½ ounces/ 2 servings a day
needed or not, why?
wat fat does also
-need this; develops brain/nerves, used to process vitamins, gives energy
-taste and texture, help feel full;
Saturated Fat
good or bad
comes from examples
increases risk of ...
Saturated- bad come from animals meat, dairy, increase risk for disease, room temp is sat fat, processed foods;
Unsaturated Fat-
good or bad
mono- examples
poly- examples
Unsaturated- good, plant sources, mono- canola and olive oil, poly- soy bean, oil, corn
need how much
it is ______ in body
lipid, produced in body, total 200 or less,
good type of Cholesterol
does wat for you
HDL- puts extra in waste products, make this high;
bad type of Cholesterol
does what to you
help avoid this
LDL- sticky, sticks to arteries, watch what you eat;
another bad type of Cholesterol
effected by what
especially in
Cholesterol medicines--
=Triglycerides- effected by diets; bad kind; especially in sugars;
-Medicines to lower- Zocore, Lipitor, Zedina,
Cholesterol in what kind of foods
Foods: meat, avocados, coconuts, shell fish- shrimp, lobster
Trans fat-
used by
what foods it's in
Trans fat- make unsaturated to saturated, by Hydrogenated Oil, do this to make shelf life longer, taste
Hydrogenated oil- in 100 calorie packs, peanut butter, bread
% of calories
Carbohydrates- 40-50% of calories; Simple- honey, sugar, sweeteners, minimize these; Complex- have more fiber, whole grain, whole fruits; good;
don't do what
Fat Soluble vitamins
don’t give you energy
-Fat Soluble- A, D, K, E;
Water Soluble vitamins
C, B-complex,
3 types
need ___ mg
helps what in body
in what and how many servings
need 1300 mg, strengthens bone and teeth, dairy, green leaf, 3 or 4 servings;
need __-__mg
what does sodium do
500-2400 mg, eat fresh, sodium retains fluids;
helps with__
in which foods
helps with energy, meats, watermelon, raisins, spinach
need how much
½ gallon of water every day (6-8 glasses)
might have chemicals in it, not strictly regulated
grown without...
has USDA;
grown without pesticides, growth hormones, etc.
Whole Grain
better for __
has ____
does what for you (2)
better for heart-fiber; good for you, eliminates waste; fills you up,
Omega3 Fatty Acids
does what for you
which fish has it in it (4)
Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, reduces plaque
does what
found in what foods
want lots of them, fight oxidants- cause cancers, found in Vitamin c, e, beta carotene- Broccoli, nuts, cereal, egg yolk, carrots
High Fructose Corn Syrup
chemically change it, causes obesity, breads, baked goods, canned