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servile attendant; assistant; helper

lackley, proselyte, minion, retinue, and entourage
insistent, unwavering

The little boy was adamant about getting an ice cream cone at the shopping center. His peevish whining and incessant foot-stomping indicated indubitably that he would not take "no" for an answer.

resolute; tenacious; intent, intractable; contumacious; intransigent; importunate.

contrary meaning: irresolute; ambivalent; vacillating.
attribute to or refer to

I ascribe my intelligence to my parents, but I ascribe my knowledge of English vocabulary to Noah Webster and other such scribes (professional copyist, recorder, notary, or scrivener, or other writer).
a fortress or stronghold

In an increasingly chaotic world, the mortician found the morgue to be his last bastion of solitude.

Related word: bastille: a fortress or castle, often used as a prison.
overly and offensively self-assertive.

The ambitious and bumptious news reporter may achieve his goals, but he will probably alienate friends and colleagues along the way.

bodacious, brazen, audacious, and overbearing.
to persuade by flattery or by promises; entice; taunt.

Car salesmen typically cajole customers into buying cars with hackneyed and insipid one-liner such as: "My boss is going to fire me for practically giving this car away to you, but I like you, so I am going to do it anyway." The best place to watch people cajole one another, however, is at a singles bar.

wheedle, coax, inveigle, and lure.
any special language used by a particular group, class, or profession; slang; jargon.

Of all the cants in this canting world, though the cant of hypocrites may be the worst, the cant of criticism is the most tormenting (to torment).
unreasonable devotion to one's race, country or sex.

During the 1960's, the term "male chauvinist pig" became the mantra for the burgeoning feminist movement.

Patriotism has reappeared, along with its scruffy half brothers, xenophobia and chauvinism.
imaginary, wildly fanciful, unreal, impossible.

Professional athletes past their prime sometimes attempt to realize their chimerical dream of once again being the best in the world at their sport.

illusory and phantasmal
alluring; enticing; coy (feigned shyness)

The young girl's coquettish ways lured many suitors and broke many hearts.

A coquette need not cajole in order to get what she wants.

winsome, voluptuous, comely, and fetching.

Another world which describes a coy person (one who pretends to be shy) is demure.
excessive fatness; obesity

related word: corpse (dead boy)

The solicitous wife warned her overweight husband: "Your are going to be a corpulent corpse one day if you don't loose some weight."
to condescend; to deem another worthy or fit in accordance with one's own sense of self-worth, stature, or dignity; to grant or allow.

The conceited, consequential executive deigned to dine with members of her staff on Secretary's Day.
force, power; dent nick or scratch.

Now you weep; and, I perceive, you feel the dint of pity.

Although it felt as though another car hit mine with the dint of a locomotive, my car suffered only a few dints.