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The _____ is fairly hollow bone of leg.
tibia ('flute')
The ____ is a small sesmoid bone lodged in the lateral tendon of gastrocnemius.
The popliteal artery divides into _____ & _____ (sometimes _______ also).
anterior tibial; posterior tibial; peronal (fibular)artery
The peroneal artery runs _____ to fibia & is primarily a _____ artery.
posterior; muscular artery
The posterior tibial artery travels ______ to medial malleolus & enters _______.
posterior; deep surface of foot
The posterior tibial artery turns into _____ & ____ in sole of foot.
medial & lateral plantar arteries
Both the _____ artery & ____ artery have malleolar branches.
posterior tibial & peronal arteries
The posterior tibial artery has ______ arteries that go in & supply proximal tibia.
Most of the time the _____ artery becomes the DORSALIS PEDIS artery.
2-4% of the time, the _____ becomes the DORSALIS PEDIS artery.
The dorsalis pedis can be palpated just___ to extensor hallucis longis tendon.
The posterior vein of the leg is the _______. It runs with the ______ nerve.
small saphenous; sural
The small saphenous arises from dorsal lateral foot and empties into _____ usually.
The sciatic nerve descends & splits into ____ & ____ nerves.
tibial & common fibular (peroneal)
The tibial branch of the sciatic nerve gives off a __________ sural cutaneus n.
The common fibular (peroneal n.) gives off _______ sural cutaneus branch n.
The lateral sural cutaneous (from peroneal n.) has a communicatin branch that ___.
becomes associated w/medial sural & forms the SURAL NERVE
The most comon nerve biopsy is ________.
sural nerve
The anterior compartment of the leg contains the ______ (what muscle action?).
The lateral compartment of the leg contains the _______.
The posterior leg has 2 compartments separated by _________.
transverse intermuscular septum
The transverse intermuscular septum is also called ______ and is ______ to soleus.
transverse crural septum; ANTERIOR to soleus
The posterior compartment is bound by _______ & _____ (and deep fascia all around).
interosseous membrane; posterior intermuscular septum
Between the posterior & anterior intermuscular septum lies the ________.
lateral compartment of leg
The superficial posterior compartment contains: ___ (4 muscles)
soleus, gastrocnemius, popliteus, & plantaris
The deep posterior compartment contains: _____ (3 muscles)
flexor hallicus longus; flexor digitorum longis; tibialis posterior
The deep posterior muscles can ________, but their main role is ________.
plantar flex; INVERSION-main role
1/2 of gastrocnemius is muscle, 1/2 is tendon that attaches to _____.
calcaneus bone of hind foot
The achilles tendon is formed by ___, ___, & ___ tendons.
gastrocnemius, soleus, & plantaris
The _____ & ____ run in between the two bellies of the gastrocnemius.
small saphenous & sural nerve
The gastrocneumis arises from ____ & attaches to ____.
lateral & medial supracondylar regions of femur; calcaneus
The gastrocnemius is BIARTICULATE-- it can ____ & ____.
flex knee & plantarflex foot
The _____ is the proximal muscle behind gastrocnemius (NERVUS ASINORUM).
The plantaris attaches into _______.
achilles tendon or directly into calcaneus
The soleus runs off of ____, ___, & ___.
tibia, fibula, & sometimes interosseous membrane
The ______ helps with short spurts of plantar flexion, while the ____ is strongest.
gastrocnemius; soleus
The ______ contracts during normal ambulation (soleus or gastrocnemius?).
The 3 deep posterior muscles are: _____, _____, & _____.
tibialis posterior; flexor digitorum longus; flexor hallucis longus (TomDickHary)
The ____ is where popliteal vessels & tibial nerve descend to posterior leg.
The flexor hallucis longus arises ____ from _____.
laterally; fibula
The flexor digitorum longus arises ____ from ____.
medially, tibia
The tibialis posterior arises in middle from ___, ___, & ____.
tibia, fibula, interosseus membrane
In the plane of teh deep posterior muscles you also find ___ & ____(2 arteries).
posterior tibial artery; tibial nerve; peroneal artery
________ is mneumonic for tendons/n.v. of deep posterior compartment.
Tom Dick And Nervous Harry:
Tib.Post; FlexDIG.long; post.tib.Art.; tib.Nerve; flex.HallucisLong.
______ is where the FHL & FDL CRISCROSS/decussate each other.
Knot on Tree of Henry
The soleus attaches to ___ on posterior tibia, as well as _______ of fibula.
SOLEAL LINE-tibia; head, neck & proximal 1/3 of fibula (inverted U shape)
The Tibialis Posterior's claim to fame is its ________.
attachment to all midfoot bones as well as base of metacarpals 2-4)
The _____ (from post. compartment) runs up base of the distal 1st phalanx.
Flexor Hallucis Longus
The ___ (from post. compartment) runs up base of the distal phalanxes 2-5
Flexor Digitorum Longus
The 1º plantar flexors of ankle are____. The posterior compartment hardly does it.
soleus & gastrocnemius
The ______ is what gives you the "spring" in your step.
flexor hallucis longus
The ________ innervates EVERYTHING on posterior leg.
tibial nerve
The ______ in posterior compartment has a significant muscle belly.
flexor hallicus longus
The POSTERIOR TIBIAL ARTERY can be palpated just _____ to ______.
When tibial nerve crosses medial malleolus, it splits into ___ & ____.
lateral & medial plantar nerves
The lateral and medial plantar nerves supply __& __ on plantar surface of foot.
muscles & skin
The 3 tendons in the deep posterior compartment each have their own _____.
synovial sheath
As the tendons in deep post. compartment run post. to med malleolus, _____ los detiene.
flexor retinaculum
The flexor retinaculum has SEPTATIONS which ______.
give each tendon & neruovascular bundle its own compartment
The flexor retinaculum runs superiorly from _____ & inferiorly from _____.
medial malleolus; calcaneus
The FHL enters a fibrotic canal formed by _______ (ledge of calcaneus bone).
The SUSTENTACULUM TALLI acts as a _____ for tendon of FHL running ______ to ledge.
PULLEY; inferior
The SUSTENTACULUM TALLI allows for more effective flexion of ______.
1st digit (b/c it's flexor hallucis longis passing by)
The ________ is the strongest inverter of foot.
Tibialis Posterior
In the plantar region, the FDL & _____ cross one another.
Tarsal tunnel syndrome can occur deep to ________ & entrap the _____ nerve.
flexor retinaculum; tibial
If tarsal tunnel syndrome, ____ & ____ dysfunction will occur distal to this point.
cuteneous & motor dysfunction to skin & muscles
The tibial nerve gives off medial & lateral plantar nerves as well as _______.
The lateral calcaneal cutaneous nerve arises from ______.