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_______ rotation can occur when the knee is slightly flexed.
Medial & lateral
The knee is considered a HINGE JOINT because ________.
it allows medial & lateral rotation when flexed
The popliteus muscle originages from ____ & inserts into ________.
lat. condyle of femur (INSIDE joint); post. aspect of tibia (above soleal line)
The popliteus allows for ______ rotation of leg when knee is FLEXED.
The popliteus is considered to be the ____ of the knee because.
KEY; unlocks fixed tibia from femur & flexion can occur
The popliteus allows for ______ rotation of femur when knee is EXTENDED.
LATERAL--this lateral rotation of femur unlocks the leg & flexion can occur.
The _____ is the primary extensor of the knee joint.
rectus femoris
The lateral rotator of the knee is______.
biceps femoris
The medial rotators of the knee are _______, ______, & _______.
semimembranosus, semitendinosus, & popliteus (when leg is flexed)
Extension of the knee is limited by _______.
Flexion of the knee is limited by _____ & ______.
PCL; calf of leg contacts thigh.
The ______ ligaments limit medial & lateral rotation.
When the knee locks, less ______ is needed to keep the knee extended.
muscular effort
When the leg is fully extended, the femor rotates _____ on tibia, which ______.
medially; tightens all the ligaments of knee & help keep it extended
The line of center of grav. in knee is _____ to knee, which maintains extension.
The ______ of the femoral condyles is in contact w/ _____ in stabilizes knee.
flat surface; tibia
There are about ___ bursae arond the knee. Their purpose is to _________.
12; reduce friction
The ______ bursae is very large & is usually about 5cm above knee (but can be more).
The suprapatellar bursa is actually ________, so its in communication w/knee joint.
an upward extension of knee joint EXTENSION
The ______ muscle attaches to the suprapatellar bursa. It pulls bursa up to ______.
articularis genaris; keep it from being pinched during extension
The _____ & ______ bursa permit skin to move freely over knee when moving.
subcutaneus prepatellar & subcutaneus infrapatellar
The ANSERINE BURSA separates pes anserinus from ________.
joint capsule
The ______ (in knee) is one of the most commonly inflames bursa in body.
anserine bursa
Bursa can become INFECTED. This is especially significant with ______.
suprapatellar bursa b/c infection can spread to knee joint itself