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What causes acute liver failure?
udden massive hepatocyte destruction and is caused by the hepatitis viruses (partially hepatitis B) or by toxins (paracetamol overdose, mushroom poisoning).

Up to 30% of cases of acute liver failure are idiopathic.
What are the 2 main chronic cholestatic disease that result in cirrhosis?
primary biliary cirrhosis - BPC

Primary sclerosing Cholangitis - PSC
What is Primary biliary cirrhosis associated with ?
Inflammatory bowel disease

occurs in 70% of people with ulcerative colitis

* anti-mitochondrial antibodies - AMA
What are the common problems associated with acute liver disease?
In acute liver failure, the loss of hepatocyte volume leads to metabolic dysfunction, hyperbilirubinemia, loss of clotting factors (various clotting pathways may be measured), loss of gluconeogenesis (resulting in hypoglycaemia), loss of acid base balance (metabolic alkalosis), loss of reticuloendothelial function which predisposes to bacterial and fungal infection.
What are some of the problems associated with cirrhosis?
Many as the same as acute liver disease

also portal HT

Hepatic encephalopathy - dowsiness, memory loss, incoordination, coma

spontaneous bacterial infection (bacterial peritonitis) + fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity (ascites)

muscle wasting

unstable hyperkinetic circulation

hypoxia secondary to intrapulmonary shunting

development of functional renal failure (hepatorenal syndrome)