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Name 6 types of Ladders?
Single, Roof, Folding, Extension, Combination, Pompier
Name 5 types of Ladder Carries?
Single Low Shoulder, 2FF Low Shoulder, 3FF Flat Shoulder, 4FF Flat Shoulder, 2FF On Edge
Name the parts of a Ladder?
Beam, Bed, Butt, Fly, Footpad, Guides, Halyard, Heat Sensor, Hooks, Locks, Pulley, Rails Rungs, Stops
What are NFPA 1901 Ladder Requirements for Apparatus?
10 Ft. Folding, 14 Ft. Roof, 24 Ft. Extension
Describe ladder position for roof access?
Extend few feet above roof edge (5 rungs)
Describe ladder position for window access?
Tip at top of window
Describe ladder position for window rescue?
Tip just below sill
What is the desired inclination for climbing?
Always maintain _____ ft from electical lines?
Name 3 types of roofs?
Flat, Pitched, Arched
Define Ventilation?
Systematic removal and replacement of heated air, smoke, and gas from a structure with cooler air
What are benefits of ventilation?
Improve Life Safety, Improve Visibility, Reduce Flashover and Backdraft
Name 4 different types of ventilation?
Horizontal, Vertical, Natural, Mechanical
What is the location of ventilation based on?
Construction, Exposures, Wind, Fire Location
What is the ideal location for ventilation?
As directly over the fire as possible
What is the proper size opening for vertical ventilation?
4ft by 4ft
Define Trench or Strip Ventilation?
Large hole 4 ft wide from one exterior wall to opposite exterior wall placed well advaced of fire
Define Windward?
Side of building wind strikes
Define Leeward?
Side of building wind is leaving
What are 2 types of forced ventilation?
Mechanical and Hydraulic
What are advantages of forced ventilation?
Control Fire, Supplement Natural Ventilation, Speed Smoke Removal, Reduce Damage, Public Relations
What are disadvantages of forced ventilation?
Fire Spread, Requires Power Source, Requires Equipment
What are advantages of PPV?
No need to remain in structure, Works with Horiz. and Vertical, Efficient, Egress Protected
What are disadvantages of PPV?
Interior CO level increases, Fire Extension