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study of how people think and react
study of people, their environments and resources
political science
study of government
study of how people manage their limited resources to satisfy their wants and needs
made by humans; used by archeoligists
secondary source
account provided after the fact by people who did not directly witness or participate
narrow strip of land
Natural resources
materials that humans can take from the earth
absolute chronology
refers to exact time an event took place
study of how people and cultures develop
people change to their environment
Which rivers form international boundaries between the United States and Canada and Mexico?
Rio Grande and St. Lawrence
What climate is best suited for farming?
humid continental
What is society's first economic task?
fulfilling people's basic needs by providing food, shelter and clothes
Why is it necessary for a historian to be sure of the authenticity of a primary source?
to make sure the source can be used for historical research
How do rivers and lakes contribute to the economy of the Central Plains?
serve as a source of transportation
What is a basic feature of the free market system?
consumers make their own economic choices
How do archeologists contribute to historical knowledge?
explain how ancient cultures use objects
Explain the geographical theme of movement.
travel from place to place, exchange of goods and ideas
What is a benefit of the free enterprise system?
consumers make economic choices
Who most often studies artifacts?
What are common activities in the highland climate?
resorts for skiing and hiking
What are the 3 basic steps of economics
1)What goods and services should we produce
2)How should we produce them
3)For whom should we produce them
Which state is most likely to have a subarctic climate?
What do historians learn by studying relative chronology?
the time an event took place in relation to other events
What two regions are alike in terms of physical features?
Intermountain Regions and Appalachian Mountains
Which region is mainly flat land?
Interior Plains