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Waterways were important to the Native American Indian way of life
Based on the map, which conclusion is valid about Native American Indians in New York State?

Your answer:
_Native American Indians preferred to live in the most mountainous regions of the State.
_The Iroquois and Algonquins maintained peaceful relationships with one another.
_Waterways were important to the Native American Indian way of life.
_The Mohawks owned more land than the Oneidas did.
some Native American Indians had highly developed civilizations
This temple is evidence that

Your Answer:
_many english settlements were established in Central America
_some Native American Indians had highly developed civilizations
_some Native American Indians copied the architectural styles of Spain and Portugal
_ancient Chinese culture had a major influence on Native American Indian culture
The theory that Native American Indians migrated across a land bridge from Asia to settle in North America is based on

Your answer:
_political studies
_diaries written during th migration
_archaeological discoveries
_modern short stories written by Native American Indians
archaeological discoveries
During most of the colonial period, which European nation controlled Mexico, Central America, and many islands of the West Indies?

Your answer:
_the Netherlands