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A name given to the Plains farmer
A rail line which would span the continent and connect the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
transcontintal raiload
In 1862 Congress passed an Act which gave 160 free acres of land to a settler who paid a filing fee and ived on the land for five years
Homestead Act
To plant seeds deep in he groud where there was some moisture
dry farming
The herding of cattle 1,000 miles or more to meet the railroads
long drive
The first farmers organization of this period was a network of local self-help organizations
National Grange
In February 1890, Alliance members formed the People's Party of the U.S.A., also known as the...
Populist Party
One of the two companies that accepted the challange and began laying tracks westward from Omaha, Nebreska
Union Pacific Company
One of the two companies that accepted the challange and began laying tracks eastward from Sacramento, California
Central Pacific Company
Former mining towns that became deserted.
ghost towns
People that looked for gold in the Colorado Rockies...what were there slogan
"Pikes Peak or Bust"
A mass or strip of ore sandwiced between layers of rock
A mineral mined for the valuable substance it contains, such as silver
A community experiencing a sudden growth in buisness or population
Financial aid and land grants from goverment.
Moving from place to place with no permanent home
A symbol burned into an animal's hide to show ownership
Land not fenced or divided into lots
open range
An area of public lands set aside for Native Americans
One of the longest long drive named for ranchers Charlie Goodnight and Oliver Loving, swung west through the New Mexico territory and then turned Norh
Goodnight Loving Trail
One of the longest long drives led from centralTexas to Abilene, Kansas
Chisholm Trail
Spanish ranch owner or hispanic ranch had
in 1858 a mining expedition found gold on the slopes of ___________________ in the Colorado Rockies
Pikes Peak
When the Spanish and Mexico and Texas, they brought a tough breed of cattle with them. Called __________ because of their prominent horns these cattle gradually spread across Texas
On April 22, 1889 was the opening day when all the people could move out to Oklahoma to claim there land. When the people came to claim there land there were already people on it who came early. What were those people called?
The __________________ were networks of organizations that sprang up in the West and the South in the 1880s
Farmer Alliance also called Southern Alliance
The unliited production of silver coins
free silver
The Democratic Candidate, that won the election in 1892.
Grover Cleavland
in 1896 the Democrats chose a candidate for president who supported free silver and other populist goals. He was the 36 year old ____________ known as the Great Commoner because of his appeal to average Americans. He believed in the farmers causes
William Jennings Bryan
Towns located near railroads to market and ship cattle
cow towns
On the transcontinental railroad the Union Pacific worked on one side of the country while the Central Pacific worked on the other. They both met at _____________ which is in Utah territory
Promontory Point
People who take the law into their own hands
Govornor of California who drove a final golden spike into a tie to join the two railroads togther
Leland Stanford
In 1883 the railroad companies divided the country into four _________
time zones
Stores where farmers bought products from each other
A law passed by Congress in 1887 saying that the Native Americans had to follow the American lifestyle and move onto the reservations
Dawes Act
In 1867 the federal government appointed the __________ to develop a policy toward the native Americans. They came up to move them to reservations
Indian Peace Commission
Wovoka, prophet, claimed that the Sioux could regain their former greatness if they performed a ritual known as ____________________
Ghost Dace
Cowhands wore ????
chaps, and lariats
What kind of new fencing did they use
barbed wire