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2 charter colonies
Connecticut - Rhode Island
Who established charter colonies
Groups of settlers
3 proprietary colonies
Delaware, Maryland Pennsylvania
who ruled the proprietary colonies
7 royal colonies
Georgia, Massachusetts, new hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia
Who ruled the Royal colonies
Who had the right to vote in colonial america
White Men who own property
Why did puritans come
to establish own christian religion
When was the great Awakening
1730's and 1740's
What were the roles of women in colonial america
cooking, make buter and cheese perserved food
Women were allowed to participate in decision making where
In the church
Benjamin Franklin
Was an invetor, diplomat, statesmen
The main Idea of the Enlightenmant
That knowledge reason and science could improve society
Directed trade between England and the colonies
Navigation acts
In proprietary colonies they were allowed to elect
lower house only
In royal colonies they were allowed to elect
lower house only
This led to the formation of many new churcheds especiall in southern back country
The Great Awakening
before 1647 most children wree taught by
their parents
Who opposed the Enlightenment
The religious leaders