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clara barton
she helped out homesick soldiers with home cooked food.she organized and agency to get suplies to wounded soldiers, founded the American red cross. she headed a serch for missing soldiers after the war. she satyed at the operating table evnthough shells were hitting the walls
emancipaation proclamation
written by loncoln, it changed the war from a fight to save the union to a fight for human was first read in sept, 1862 it was made official on jan 1 ,1863
fredrick doulgas
had been a slave, whip marks on his back. he learned to read by himself. he was one of the best writers and speakers of his time.
robert smalls
in 1862 he was a black slave, who was a pilot on a confederate steamer the "planter". one nightthe captain was off the ship and robert sailed itout of the chalrston bay and surendered it to th union forces.
john magruder
he was an officer, and an amature actor. he knew alot about dramatic presentation. he tricked the union army, he snook around the woods with his small army and poped up all over. he made McClellan scared cause he thought the rebel army was huge. it wasnt at that area
raphael semmes
captain of the reb ship the alabama. his exploits made exiting reading he captured 62 yankee merchant ships in 2 years. before his ship sank.
david farragut
he wanted to be like his adoptive father, he was a midship man from when he was 9. at age 13 he was in command of a captrued british ship. at 58 when the cival war began he was a soutnerner, but he fought for the union. he commande 17 ships in the blockade.
states rights
individual states have the right to declare a federal law null and void
problem of new lands
the balence of norht and south was upset by the territorial expansion of the US after the mexican war
compromise of 1850
crafted my sen. henry clay. terms were: cali enters the union as a free state.
the ret of the mexican cession will be open to popular sovereignty. the people in those teritories could decide the issue of slavery for themselves. ending slave trad in D.c.
a tougher fugative slave law was passed
1852 uncle toms cabin
novelist harriet beecher stowe writes this book whichs converts many readers to the abolitionist cause
kansas nabraska act
1854 illinois senator stephen douglas, proposes kansas and nabraka to popular severeignty. slavery was previously banned there by the missouri compromise of 1820
republican party established
1854- abolishonits from new england combined with ones from the south opposed to the spread of slavery
bleeding kansas
1855- pro-slavery and anti slavery settlers. peopl attacked one another over wehter kansas shold become a free or slave state. dozens are killed.
dred scott case
1857- cheif justice roger b. taney confirms the legality of slavery and denies slaves to be free.
voilence in senate
1857- sen charles sumner is beaten almost to death in the senat chamber by rep preston brooks, he was defending the honer of his cousin sen andrew butler
harpers ferry raid
1859- abolitionist tries to lead a slave rebelion by attacking a federal arsenal in harprs ferry VA. he is captured and hanged. he was seen as the ultimate vilan to the south and a hero to the north
border states
states on the borders between the union and confederate states. the good things wer that since they were touching both sides, if you lived there you could live with the southern way of life or the norhern way. the people in the war didnt want to figh so hard for them because they were close. they wernt as big of a deal as the whole south or the whole north. they were maryland, kentucky, missouri,and delaware, ans w. virginia
james longstreet
confederate leuittennt general, corps comanderunder lee in the army of north virginia. he had a defensive stratagy
john brown
in the 1820's and 40's john brown befriended fugative slaves and helped fund ani slavery pamphlets published by blacks. he heade harpers ferry raid. he was captured by robert e lee. he was hanged