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What were some of the impotant features of the articles of the confederation?
1- There was no president
2- There was only one congres
3- Each state had no national court system
Why did the articles of the confedericies fail?
The federal goverment did not have the power it needed to govern the country
Describe the relationship between the declaration of independence the articles of confederation and the constitution
The declaration of independence set up the ideals of the united states.The articles of confederation tried but failed.The constitution suceded
What documents influenced the writing of the articles of confederation? Provide examples of this influence
State constitutions founding documents: Mayflower compact, and the English bill of rights
What was the northwest ordinace of 1787?
A system of bringing new states into the united states provided for public education and protected personal liderties
What are the functions of the preamble?
1- Intoduces the constitution
2- States the goals of the constitution