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The first major step the British's took in the war was to capture ______ _______.
Fort Duquesne
The British General was __ ___.
Edward Braddock
Braddock was ______ and _______ .
defeated and killed
The _____ that Braddock built on the way to battle at Fort Deuquesne, became an important factor in the French and Indian War
road (named after Braddock)
What three continents did the war spread to?
North America, Europe and Asia
What was Pitt's system of changing the British Army?
1)name younger generals to take the place of older ones
2)paid to outfit the colonial soldiers that were fighting the French
____ was the strongest city of New France.
The city sat there on the St. Lawrence River?
High above the river on a steep cliff.
The British tried to seize Quebec under the British command of ____ ___.
General James Wolfe
The British could not take Quebec from the front, so they did what?
They went upstream during the night and came back to attack.
Where did the British position themselves for the attack on Quebec?
Plains for Abraham
What was the result of the battle at Quebec?
Both Wolfe and Montcalm (French leader) were killed. The French lost heart and gave up.
What were results of the French and Indian War?
1. British eventually took Montreal; but Quebec was the beginning of the end.
2. the war in America was over.
3.the war with France in Europe continued to 1763.
4. the Treaty of Paris ended the war
5. France gave up her claim to all land east of the Mississippi except New Orleans
Later on, Britain received ____ from Spain. To compensate Spain, France gave Spain the __ _____>
Florida from Spain

France gave Spain the Louisiana Territory.