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Pineal Gland
function:body clock regulator wake/sleep patterns
Pituitary Gland
located:hypothalamus of brain
functions: growth and reproduction + wide range
located: upper chest, behind sternum
functions: infection fighting cells
hormone: testosterone
function: development+maintenance of male sex traits and production of sperm
Thyroid Gland
located: below larynx
char.: bilobed and supplied with blood vessels
functions: regulates metabolic rates, control uptake of calcium by bones, and promotes normal nervous system development
Parathyroid Gland
located: back of thyroid
char.: tiny parathyroids
function: regulates calcium levels in body
Calcium function: growth and maintenance, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse transmission
Adrenal Gland
located: top of kidneys
hormones: many
funcions: adapting to physical and emotional stress, help stabilize blood sugar levels
located: between kidneys
char.: tiny clusters of endorcine tissues called islets of Langerhans the cells that make up the islets produce hormones
hormone: insulin
function: controls sugar levels
location: pelvic cavity
hormones: estrogen + progesterone
function: regulates female reproductive cycles and sex char.