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Lord Baltimore
Sir George Calvert
charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
mapped the line dividing Maryland and Pennsylvania
indentured servants
agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in return for payment of passage to the colonies
Bacon's Rebellion
attck on jamestown that showed that settlers resented being restricted to the coast
maryland port that became its largest settlement
James Ogelethorp
georgia leader known as " our perpetual dictator" because of his many rules and regulations
proprietary colony first settled in 1670
Henrietta Maria
Queen for whom <aryland was named
Sir William Berkeley
governor of Virginia
John Locke
English political philosopher who wrote the Carolina constitution
Maryland river bordered by fertile countryside
Charles Town
Carolina city named aster the king of England
Eliza Lucas
succeeded in growing and processing indigo
Act of Toleration
1649 law that granted protestants and Catholic in Maryland religious freedom