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What is a phomene?
a unit of sound
What is babbeling?
vowel and consanant
first word spoken at what age?
10-13 months
child learns color blue, then calls everything blue
over extension
what is over regularization
take rules and generalize them
inate or nurture, through use ease of language acquisition device
nativistic and Chomsky
what is a common barrier in a problem of numerical info?
irrelevant info
what is subjective utility
what outcome is personally worth it to the individual
what type of test would be used to determine if a person should be placed in a gifted class?
intelligence test
what does standardized mean
uniform procedures in administrating and scoring tests
liability refers to what?
the measured consistency of a test
what type of validity when a test is representative of domain its supposed to cover?
who was responsible to design 1st intelligence testto predict school performance?
IQ scores and school grades are moderately correlated...
positive correlation
IQ and twin IQ inherited
yes to a considerable degree
IQ scores and minorities
due to socioeconomic status
morphene is smallest unit of what in language?
who produces more phomenes?adult of infant
whats larger receptive or productive vocab?
when you use on word narrowly its called
what do bilingual children score higher on?
2 things-
analytical reasoning,
metalinguistical awareness
the evolutionary process according to pinker
aquire info about world second hand through language
tendency to do percieve an item only in terms of most common use
functional fixedness
a risky decision is...
making choices under conditions of uncertainty
test measuring knowledge of a particular subject is...
achievment test
how well test scores compare to other groups
test norms
what type correlation do you hope when retest
strong positive correlation
When we look at correlation between score on aptitude test adn performing at a job...
first test designed by Binet was to predict...
school performance
Sterburg- what type of intelligence does IQ test measure?
verbal analytical
genetically determined limits on IQ scores based on environment
reaction range?
points in lower class can be....
largest minority class can is.......points lower than whites
what are the different qualities of language?
involves meaning,
has rules,
infinite ways to get variety of meassages
how to arrange words into sentences and language
infants babble to similar language of who?
a child remembers the word for ice cream, remembering only one day prior
fast mapping
what is telegraphic speech?
uses phrases or short sentences to convey meaning
ex: "mommy sack"
What type of learning school- say learn language from imitation; reinforcement
behavioral or skinner
you are going to buy a used car. but not one that has over 100,000 miles or rust- what type of decision is this
pwychological test is just a......of person's behavior
looking at how well someone does in pilot training program is what type of testing?
someone is in the 95% percentile- what is this saying about their score?
they scored higher or equal to 95% of group
waht is validity?
when a test measures what it says it will
looking at extroversion adn one's measure of sociability-what type of validity?
say person scored 75% on intelligence test- did they score above or below the mean?
mean is 100,
standard deviation is +/- 15,
so this person is below the mean
court rulings now require tests looking at employment; tests have to do recordings for employment.
what do tests have to be closely related to?
abilities clearly related to job performance more specific in measuring abilities for specific job duties
what kind of correlation between social class and intelligence?
positive correlation
the person must carry out a sequence of transformations in order to reach a specific goal.
what type of problem is this?
problem of transformation

even though you kno what the goal is, you dont kno how to achieve it!