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What is a hypothesis?
It is an educated guess about the outcome of an experiment.
What tool would be used for measuring length?
When you suggest a possible explanation for an observation, you are making a ____________.
Measurements and other observations are called what?
Statement that sums up what you learn from an experiment is called _________.
Factor that is changed in an experiment.
Manipulated variable
What the person performing the activity sees, hears, feels, smells, or tastes.
Keeping all variable the same except the manipulated variable.
Controlling Variables.
Obervations involve gathering evidence though the ____________. (Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste)
the senses.
Mass is measured by using what tool?
Volume is measure by using what tool?
graduated cylinder
A student needs to precisely measure the volume of a liquid to be used in an experiment. What tool would give the most precise method of measurement?
graduated cylinder
Of the following, which is an example of a scientific question? a. Is experimenting on animals right or wrong? b. Are scientist overpaid? c. Does the mass of a vehicle effect its speed? d. Who is the most famous athlete in the world?
Know the steps of the scientific method!!!
Think brady bunch :)
What tool would be used to measure temperature?
Any factor in an experiment, such as time, termperature, and volume, is also called a _________.
Which type of graph is best used to show comparisons between different items?
Bar Graph
Prediction about the outcome of an experiment is called the _____________.
What you measure or observe to obtain your results is called the _____________.
Responding Variable
In an experiment studying the effect of acid rain on pond water, what would be the control.
a container of pond water with nothing added to it.
What would help me study?
This handout, the power point handout & your foldable!!!
What part of the scientific method is the following: If you increase the water temperature, then the yeast will give off more gas.
What part of the scientific method is the following: After 5 minutes, balloons a & b expanded.
What part of the scientific method is the following: Yeast gives off more gas at higher temperatures
What part of the scientific method is the following: What factors help yeast grow.
problem or question
What part of the scientific method is the following: Balloon B became bigger than balloon A, so that means that the yeast in balloon B gave off more gas.
What part of the scientific method is the following? Combine the yeast, sugar and water in a bottle. Put a balloon on the bottle.