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Physiologic Anatomy of the Female Sexual Organs
Female Hormonal System
Gonadotropic Hormones and Their Effects on the Ovaries
Ovarian Follicle Growth-"Follicular" Phase of the Ovarian Cycle

Surge of LH Is Necessary for Ovulation
Corpus Luteum-"Luteal" Phase of the Ovarian Cycle

Luteinizing Function of LH
Secretion by the Corpus Luteum: An Additional Function of LH
Involution of the Corpus Luteum and Onset of the Next Ovarian Cycle
Chemistry of the Sex Hormones
Synthesis of the Estrogens and Progestins
Estrogens and Progesterone Are Transported in the Blood Bound to Plasma Proteins
Functions of the Liver in Estrogen Degradation
Effect of Estrogens on the Uterus and External Female Sex Organs
Effect of Estrogens on the Fallopian Tubes
Effect of Estrogens on the Breasts
Effect of Estrogens on the Skeleton
Osteoporosis of the Bones Caused by Estrogen Deficiency in Old Age
Estrogens Slightly Increase Protein Deposition
Estrogens Increase Body Metabolism and Fat Deposition
Estrogens Have Little Effect on Hair Distribution
Effect of Estrogens on the Skin
Effect of Estrogens on Electrolyte Balance
Progesterone Promotes Secretory Changes in the Uterus
Effect of Progesterone on the Fallopian Tubes
Progesterone Promotes Development of the Breasts
Secretory Phase (Progestational Phase) of the Endometrial Cycle, Occurring After Ovulation
Monthly Endometrial Cycle and Menstruation

Proliferative Phase (Estrogen Phase) of the Endometrial Cycle, Occurring Before Ovulation
Regulation of the Female Monthly Rhythm-Interplay Between the Ovarian and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Hormones

The Hypothalamus Secretes GnRH, Which Causes the Anterior Pituitary Gland to Secrete LH and FSH
Negative Feedback Effects of Estrogen and Progesterone to Decrease LH and FSH Secretion
Positive Feedback Effect of Estrogen Before Ovulation-The Preovulatory LH Surge
Feedback Oscillation of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian System
Puberty and Menarche
Hypogonadism-Reduced Secretion by the Ovaries
Hypersecretion by the Ovaries
Fertile Period of Each Sexual Cycle
Rhythm Method of Contraception
Hormonal Suppression of Fertility-"The Pill."
Abnormal Conditions That Cause Female Sterility